4 Wire Ford O2 Sensor Wire Colors and Wiring Diagram!

4 wire ford o2 sensor wire colors and wiring diagram

In all Ford cars, you’ll find four O2 sensors. The 4-wire Ford O2 sensor wire colors may differ based on its position (driver or passenger side). To replace these wires, you will need the 4 wire ford o2 sensor wiring diagram. In this guide, I’ll share wiring harness details of Ford’s four-wire oxygen sensor diagram

Ford F150 Transmission Dipstick Tube Replacement Full Guide!

ford f150 transmission dipstick tube replacement

Ford F150 transmission dipstick tube replacement is pretty straightforward but you must stick to a step-by-step process. To change the dipstick tube on your Ford F150, you’ll need to lift the car and take off the front passenger tire. Then, find the dipstick tube inside and replace it with a new one. After that, check