power steering assist fault in ford explorer

Fix Power Steering Assist Fault in Ford Explorer!

The power steering assist fault Ford Explorer happens due to the EPS system bug or the broken steering gear. To make it work again, you’ll need to reset the EPS system or replace the gear.

For both methods, you’ll need a few things like a scan tool, socket/lug nut wrench and transmission jack.

I’ll guide you through the signs of the problem, its possible causes, and the steps to resolve it. Let’s get started!

Symptoms of Power Steering Assist Fault Ford Explorer!

These signs can help people easily recognize the symptoms of a power steering assist fault in a Ford Explorer. Here are a few of those signs:

symptoms of ford explorer power steering assist fault
Image 1: Symptoms of Ford Explorer Power Steering Assist Fault
  • The steering system is set to manual mode. It also means you have to turn the steering wheel yourself without automatic help.
  • You’ll hear a sound that tells you when the steering system changes between different modes.
  • If there’s a bug with the power steering, a message will show up on the dashboard to let you know.
  • When you’re driving slowly, it might be harder to turn the steering wheel because you’ll need to use more strength.

Now, it’s natural to wonder or question what does power steering assist fault mean in a Ford Explorer car.

A power steering assist fault means an issue with the system that helps the steering work smoothly in a Ford Explorer.

The Reasons for Ford Explorer Power Steering Assist Fault!

Before you try to solve the problem with your Ford Explorer steering assist fault, it’s important to figure out why the problem is happening in the first place. Let me explain it below:

Cause #1: Error with EPS

Sometimes, in certain cars, there can be a problem with the Electric Power Steering (EPS). This can happen because the connection in the steering system might not work well on and off.

When this happens, the sensor that tells the steering how to move might stop sending signals. This makes a code appear that stops the power that helps with steering.

Based on one user in Explorer Forum, it’s ideal to test out the battery voltage and reset the BCM before you do anything. After that, you can reset the EPS system using an IDS or scan tool to solve.

Cause #2: Bad Steering Gear

Another common reason for this issue is damaged steering gear (rack and pinion). It’s also one of the many reasons for the power steering assist fault in Ford Fusion cars.

In that case, the steering wheel will become stiffer and won’t move the side easily. To get rid of this issue, you’ll need to replace the steering gear.

How To Fix Power Steering Assist Fault Ford Explorer?

You can easily fix power steering assist fault 2011 Ford Explorer or other models if following the right solution. To do that, here’s the detail:

Solution #1: Reset the EPS System

  • To begin with, turn off the car and ignition. Then, wait for 10 seconds before you switch on the ignition. Afterward, check the display for any warning messages.
  • If this doesn’t solve, open the hood and check the voltage of the battery. In case the battery lacks voltage, change the battery. Then, reset the BCM using the scan tool.
  • After that, insert the scan tool into your car and open the file that shows all the fault codes. Then, scan for the fault codes and reset the EPS by following the on-screen command.

Solution #2: Change the Steering Gear

  • Firstly, use a tool that keeps the steering wheel in a fixed position. Then, open the hood to remove the battery or disconnect the cables from the terminals.
  • Next, lift the car up using a transmission jack stand and take out the front wheels using the lug nut wrench. Afterward, loosen out the inner tie rod jam nut and outer tie rod nut using the right tool.
  • Then, take out the exhaust pipe and hang it down carefully. You’ll also need to detach all the bolts that hold the transmission mount.
  • After that, detach the rear subframe bolts and steering shaft bolts. It would be better if you use a long wood underneath to support the subframe.
  • Next, take out the steering shaft and lower the subframe to 2 and a half inches. Then, remove the heat shield cover bolts and steering ground bolts. Be sure to unplug the 2 connectors that are near these parts.
  • Then, remove the wire retainers from the steering gear and pull the wiring harness aside. This is when you’ll need to take out the stabilizer bush bracket.
  • Now, detach the 2 power steering gear bolts and loosen up the front subframe bolts in 3 turns. Then, lower the subframe and take out the steering gear from the right side. Be sure to do this carefully.
  • After that, install the new steering gear into the place by doing the opposite of removal. Then, reinstall all the parts.
  • Lastly, insert the scan tool into your car and program the PSCM drive (go to Programmable Module Installation > PSCM > follow the on-screen instructions). Done!

Ford Explorer Power Steering Assist Fault Recall!

To recall the Ford Explorer car’s power steering assist fault, you’ll need to contact and request the Ford dealer. Here are a few information that you’ll need to send them:

  • Your name and address.
  • Details about your vehicle: like its brand, model, and when it was made.
  • VIN to identify your vehicle.
  • The specific recall number (Ford or NHTSA) related to your vehicle
  • Who owned the car when the fix was done before the official recall notice
  • A receipt from when the initial fix was done. It should show what was spent on parts, work, taxes, and any replacements. If the receipt includes other repairs not related to the recall, Ford might ask for a breakdown of costs just for the recall fix.
  • If the fix happened when your car was still under warranty, papers showing that either the warranty wasn’t used for this problem or that even after a warranty repair, the issue related to the recall wasn’t solved.

Ending Notes

That’s how you can fix the power steering assist fault in Ford Explorer! It may take around 20 to 120 minutes based on the fixing method.

Hope you find this guide beneficial to fix the issue by yourself and ensure to do it yourself. Good Luck!

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