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The Dummy O2 Sensor Ford F150 (Find Out!)

The dummy O2 sensor in Ford F150 cars is a tiny device that copies the output of an O2 sensor in a car’s exhaust system. With this, you can get rid of the CEL light turning on or the error code on the dashboard issue easily.

If you are new to simulator or dummy O2 sensor things, this guide should help. Here, I’ll share its meaning, working mechanism, reason to use it, and the right way to install it. Let’s Begin!

What Is a Dummy O2 Sensor Ford F150 and How It Works?

A dummy O2 sensor is like a fake one that acts as a real one by reading out the oxygen level. It’s also known as an O2 simulator or eliminator.

Instead of giving wrong or no readings, a dummy one offers the right info to the car’s computer. Sometimes, an O2 sensor needs fixing or removing but the computer still needs to input from it to work right.

types of dummy O2 Sensors Ford
Image 1: Different Types of Dummy O2 Sensor in Ford

In that case, you can put on a dummy O2 sensor instead to trick the computer into thinking that the car has an O2 sensor. So, do dummy O2 sensors work?

Dummy O2 sensors do work if you install them properly. To do that, you’ll only need to find the car’s O2 sensor location, unplug it, and then insert the dummy one.

Why Use an O2 Sensor Simulator Ford F150?

A Ford O2 sensor simulator is a vital cheat tool for Ford cars, especially if you’ve taken out the catalytic converter for off-road or racing reasons.

This sensor keeps an eye on the oxygen levels in the exhaust and informs the car’s computer how to adjust the fuel mix for better working of the engine.

But when you remove the catalytic converter or sensor, the car’s computer gives odd readings, making the Check Engine Light (CEL) turn on.

The O2 sensor simulator fixes this issue by pretending to be that sensor. It fools the computer into thinking the converter or sensor is still there. By doing this, you won’t get error codes or the annoying CEL light.

Note: In some countries, it is illegal to use the O2 sensor simulator.

How to Install an O2 Sensor Simulator Ford F150?

To install the Ford F150 O2 sensor eliminator or simulator, you can do it in 3 ways based on its type. Let me share it in detail below:

Method #1: Installing Wired O2 Sensor Simulator

  • To start with, go under the car and find the Ford F150 O2 sensors.
  • Then, figure out which wires on the o2 sensors are for the Signal, +12V (power), and Ground. You can use the car’s user manual for help. Just look at the wire color codes section for the colors of the wires.
  • Afterward, use a multimeter to check the +12V wire. Do this by touching the wire with the meter’s probe. Also, be sure that the Ignition key is turned to the ON position.
  • Next, check the Ground wire by testing the resistance or continuity between the wire and the car’s chassis.
how to install wired O2 simulator in ford f150
Image 2: Installing Wired O2 Simulator in Ford F150
  • After that, take out the Negative battery terminal to prevent any harm to the car’s electrical system.
  • Once it’s done, connect the Black wire of the O2 sensor simulator to the sensor’s Ground wire. Just be sure to use insulated crimps or solder and electrical tape to secure the exposed wire.
  • Now, attach the Red wire of the O2 sensor simulator to the sensor’s +12V (power) wire in the same way.
  • Then, cut the Signal wire of the O2 sensor halfway, and connect the end that’s attached to the car to the White wire of the O2 simulator. Do the same thing if you have 2 or more sensors in your car. Check this guide to know how many O2 sensors your car has.
  • Next, reconnect the negative battery terminal.
  • Lastly, check if the O2 sensor simulator is connected properly or not and test it out.

Method #2: Installing Threaded O2 Sensor Simulator

  • To begin with, you’ll need to detach the negative battery cable and insert the transmission jack to lift the car upward.
  • Next, get under the car.
  • Then, locate the O2 sensors and detach them.
  • After that, insert the threaded O2 simulator into the catalytic converter hole and then put the O2 sensor in its place. Do the same things to other sensors.
  • Lastly, lower the car and remove the transmission jack. For a detailed explanation, look at this guide where I’ve described how to bypass the O2 sensor.

Wrap Up

It can get tricky, especially when you’ll need to change and fix issues with cat converters or O2 sensors. But with a dummy O2 sensor Ford F150 cars, things get a bit easier as it can make the car’s computer think everything’s okay.

I hope this guide helps you to know the basics of the O2 sensor simulator or eliminator in a detailed way. Catch you in the next guide!

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