how many u joints on a ford f150 4x4

Exactly How Many U Joints on a Ford F150 4×4 Are There?

To answer how many U joints on a Ford F150 4X4 are available, examining the driveshaft type is necessary. It provides a clear indicator of the number of U joints present.

A single cardan (left) driveshaft corresponds to 3 U joints, while a double cardan (right) driveshaft indicates 4 U joints.

In this guide, let’s navigate the number of universal joints in your F150 4×4 car through the specifics.

A Ford F150 4×4 Has 3 or 4 U Joints!

Ford F150 cars come with either three or four U joints based on the driveshaft type underneath. There are two kinds of driveshafts in the car which are:

  1. Single Cardan (left)
  2. Double Cardan (right)

Depending on the driveshaft type, here’s how many U joints a Ford F150 4WD car has:

If F150 Car Has Single Cardan (Left) Driveshaft

You’ll find no more than 4 U joints in your Ford F150 car if the driveshaft is Single Cardan (left). In this kind of driveshaft, you’ll find 2 separate universal joints at each end and front side of the body assembly.

how many u joints on a ford f150 with single cardan (left) driveshaft
Image 1: How Many U Joints on a Ford F150 with Single Cardan (left) Driveshaft

You can easily reach the U joints by going under the car after attaching the transmission jack stands to lift. Then, you’ll need to focus on the 3 joints (left, right, and middle) in which you’ll find the 4 universal joints.

For that, you’ll need to use some tools to take out the centering socket yoke, snap ring, center yoke, and so on parts.

If F150 Car Has Double Cardan (Right) Driveshaft

You’ll find around 3 U joints in your Ford F150 cars if the driveshaft is Double Cardan (right) type. Based on one user in Ford Trucks, this kind of driveshaft is also known as the Constant Velocity (CV) type.

how many u joints on a ford f150 with double cardan (right) driveshaft
Image 2: How Many U Joints on a Ford F150 with Double Cardan (right) Driveshaft

In this kind of driveshaft, you’ll find two interlocking U joints at the end of the left side. On the other hand, you’ll get one separate universal joint on the right side.

To reach the U joints on your Ford F150 car with the double cardan (right) driveshaft, you’ll need to insert a jack stand and go under it.

Then, just look at the two ends (left and right) of the driveshaft which will hold U joints. You’ll need to use some tools to take out the slip yoke, centering socket yoke, snap ring, and so on parts.

Now that you know the numbers, you might be curious or wondering exactly how much is a U-Joint for a Ford F150.

A U-Joint for a Ford F150 costs around $100 to $150 or more based on the quality and durability of the part.

Wrapping Up

That’s how many U joints a Ford F150 4×4 car has! It may be a little touch to replace by yourself unless you have basic mechanical skills and the right instruction.

Hope this guide helps you to understand how many U joints are on your 4WD F150 car. Catch you in the next guide soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a U-joint and a universal joint?

There’s no difference between the U joint and the universal joint. It’s a joint or coupling that aligns the shaft in 30 degrees or less, making a plug (+) or cross (x) sign.

How do you tell if U-joint is bad on F150?

You can tell if the U joint is bad on the F150 or not by checking the noise or vibration. The car will make grinding or whirring when driving under 10 MPH or change gears to D (Drive) or R (Reverse).

How much does it cost to replace U-joints F150?

It costs between $400 to $450 to replace U joints on F150 cars. In which, the labor cost can cause the total amount to increase or decrease.

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