do you check transmission fluid in park or neutral

Do You Check Transmission Fluid in Park or Neutral on F150? Find Out!

So do you check transmission fluid in Park or Neutral? Well, you’ll need to shift through all gears including Neutral but end with Park to settle in before running the engine. That way you can get an accurate reading.

Checking transmission fluid on an F150 is a crucial step that a driver may need to do once in 2 or more years. In this process, you’ll need to shift the gear to Park before doing the real checking task. And that’s usually when beginners wonder whether to check it in Park or Neutral gear.

If this seems a little unclear or difficult to understand, don’t worry. In this guide, I’ll explain the matter in depth. Let’s Go!

Do You Check Transmission Fluid in the Park or Neutral?

When you are inspecting whether the transmission fluid is cold or hot or checking the level, you’ll need to start shifting through all gears.

To do that, you just need to change each gear (P, N, R, and D) by using the lever while pausing for around 5 seconds on each position.

check transmission fluid in park
Image 1: Shifting Gear to Park On Ford F150

Then, you’ll need to settle your gearshift on the P (Park). After that, the car needs to be idling (between 600 – 750 RPM) while in the Park. It’s a vital step that you need to do to check the fluid level correctly before you run the engine.

This is how you can get the right result when detecting the fluid level or trying to figure out the temperature of it.

Plus, the transmission fluid needs to be heated before you start checking the fluid with a dipstick that is located either near the engine bay or transmission housing. And to warm it up naturally, your car needs to idle while in the Park position.

Why You Should Check Fluid Transmission Fluid in the Park?

Changing the gearshift to the P (Park) position and then running the engine for some while helps the car’s transmission to prepare. Here are some of the reasons to check its fluid in the Park:

why check transmission fluid in park not neutral
Image 2: Reasons To Check Transmission Fluid In Park

1. No Air Bubbles in Transmission Fluid

Shifting the gear to Park and letting the car idle helps prevent air bubbles from getting into the transmission fluid. Air bubbles can mess up the accuracy of your fluid level reading.

2. Warm Up Transmission Fluid

Another important reason to put your car in Park before idling the engine is to warm up the transmission fluid. This warming-up process ensures that you get an accurate reading of the fluid level.

One user on the F150 Forum suggested putting your F150 in the Park and running the engine for 10 minutes or longer to warm up the transmission fluid without causing bugs.

3. Getting Accurate Readings

When you shift your car into Park, idle the engine, and then check the transmission fluid, you’ll get the right information.

This method allows you to determine if the fluid level is too low, too high, or just right. It also helps you figure out whether the fluid is cold or hot, which can affect the reading.

Wrap Up

In the end, it’s important to know if you should check the transmission fluid when your car is in Park or Neutral.

So, when you want to check your car’s transmission fluid level or temperature the next time, make sure your car’s gear is in the right position.

I hope this guide makes it easy for you to understand. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the helpful guide on how to change the transmission in a Ford. Goodbye for now!

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