location to add transmission fluid ford f150

Exactly Where to Add Transmission Fluid Ford F150?

When changing the transmission in your Ford F150, it’s vital to properly drain and fill the fluid to ensure a job well done. To accomplish this, you’ll need to know the exact location where the fluid needs to be added to your F150.

If you’re unsure of where to add transmission fluid Ford F150, it can vary based on the dipstick location. You can add transmission fluid into the dipstick tube or filler cap which is under the hood or near the transmission.

Don’t stress about not knowing the exact location. Here, I’ll explain the specific location for filling transmission fluid in F150 cars. Keep on Reading!

This Is Where to Add Transmission Fluid Ford F150!

If you’re curious about where to add transmission fluid to your F150, you can start by taking a look at the owner’s manual. But hey, let me show you how to find the spot.

location to add transmission fluid ford f150
Image 1: Right Spot To Add Transmission Fluid on Ford F150

In Ford F150 1997 – 2004

If you have an old Ford F150 made between 1997 and 2004, you should check and add transmission fluid. To do that, you’ll need to add the fluid on the dipstick tube under the hood.

It’s an old Ford-manufactured car that comes with a standard dipstick for transmission which can be noticed after opening the hood, near the engine bay area.

where to add transmission fluid in 1997 to 2004 ford f150
Image 2: The location where to add transmission fluid on F150 (1997 – 2004)

How to Locate It?

  • To reach the spot where you can add transmission fluid to the Ford F150 1997 – 2004, hit the latch that opens up the hood inside the car.
  • Then, lift the hood upward and secure it.
  • Next, locate the transmission fluid dipstick tube that can be on the left or right side of the engine bay area. It usually has a yellow or black dipstick that you can lift up to reach the tube.
  • After that, remove the dipstick from the tube and there you can use a suitable funnel to add the transmission fluid.

Pro Tip: Before you start to add the fluid, ensure to check the transmission fluid on your Ford F150 by reading this guide.

In Ford F150 2005 – 2021 or Above

To put transmission fluid in a Ford F150 made in 2010 or later, look for a big bolt near the transmission housing underneath the car. This is where to add transmission fluid Ford F150 2010 or above.

Apart from these, the cars that are made between 2005 and 2009 have a similar location to add transmission fluid. According to Mister Transmission, the newer models have lifelong sealed transmissions with no dipstick. And so, the location is a little hidden.

where to add transmission fluid in 2005 to 2020 ford f150
Image 3: The location where to add transmission fluid on F150 (2005 – 2020)

How to Locate It?

  • To begin with, insert the jack pads and stands under the car or use a transmission jack. Then, lift the car upward so you can go underneath.
  • Next, get under the car with a creeper and locate the big bolt that is on top of the pan and catalytic converter. It’s a huge nut that is facing upward.
  • Then, detach the big bolt with a 19mm socket wrench and then lift it up. And, this is the spot where you add transmission fluid. And, if you now need to fill the transmission tank, then check this guide to know how to add transmission fluid without a dipstick.

Warning: Note that the dipstick and its surrounding parts are pretty hot which can burn and damage if misused. So, be sure to wear a pair of safety gloves when adding transmission fluid.

Wrapping Up

That’s where to add transmission fluid Ford F150! It is actually easy to find this spot if you just follow the location of the transmission dipstick or filler cap.

Hope you find this guide easy to understand and helps you find the spot quickly. See You in the Next Guide!

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