ford door ajar switch replacement

Try This 4-Step Ford Door Ajar Switch Replacement Guide!

The Ford door ajar switch replacement process includes removing the driver-side door panel, followed by the door latch and manual lock lever. Also, you must take out all wiring harnesses and parts to replace the door ajar switch.

This should take you no more than 30 – 50 minutes.

In this guide, I plan to break down the whole replacement process through simple steps. Let’s get started!

Ford Door Ajar Switch Replacement Procedure

Several issues can lead to a replacement such as the door ajar light staying ON due to a broken switch and more. To replace the door ajar switch in the Ford car, you’ll need to purchase some gears that I listed below. After that, get into the procedure. Here’s the details:

ford door ajar switch replacement process
Image 1: Ford Door Ajar Switch Replacement Process

Tools That You’ll Need

  • Pry bar
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • 7mm socket
  • T-27 Torx driver
  • Tape or clip
  • Safety gloves (optional)
  • Door ajar switch

Step #1: Remove the Driver Side’s Door Panel

  • To start with, make sure the window is all the way up.
  • Then, you’ll need to use a pry bar to pull the plastic piece near the mirror outwards gently. There are 2 clips holding it, so use slight force. Be sure to try prying one side and then the other to remove it without breaking anything.
  • Afterward, detach the part that holds the switches for windows and door locks. Try to pry at the front and then move down the side of the armrest.
  • Next, take out the electrical connectors for the switches. Beneath the piece removed earlier, you’ll see a screw holding a small metal bracket. Just remove it using a 7 mm socket.
  • Then, locate the red interior light at the bottom back of the door panel. You might need to use a flathead screwdriver to pry it out gently.
  • Now, you’ll need to remove a single screw behind the red lens with a 7 mm socket. Then, lift the whole door panel upwards. Be careful to tilt the top away from the door after it’s off the lock tab at the top.
  • Next, take out the light from the door panel (between the door and panel). Then, lift the door panel upwards to take it off completely.
  • After that, gently peel back the protective barrier that hides the interior gears on the door.
Pro Tip: You can use tape or clip to keep the protective barrier aside and easily reach inside.

Step #2: Detach the Door Latch and Manual Door Lock Lever

  • Once you remove the door panel, you’ll need to locate the door latch gear. Then, simply take it out.
  • Afterward, locate the manual lock door level that is under the actuator. To reach it, you’ll need to lift the yellow retaining click upward to unlock it.
  • Next, pull the rod or meta stick toward the door’s interior to remove it safely.

Step #3: Remove the Connectors and Parts

  • You’ll now need to find the inside door lever cable. Then, take off the rubber cover from the cable assembly.
  • After that, push the actuating lever under the apparatus to loosen the cable. Next, pull out the cable by removing the rubber part from its socket and then sliding out the ball from the linkage.
  • Then, find the exterior key lock. Next, use screwdrivers to release the plastic clip and remove the rod. Let it hang from the door latch.
  • Now, find the exterior door handle rod. Then, pull the hinge on the plastic clip and take out the rod.
  • With a T-27 Torx driver, unscrew the 3 bolts that hold the door latch to the frame. Be sure to gently move the door lock out of the door’s opening, disconnecting the electrical connectors if necessary.
  • Then, take out the door lock through the big opening in the door.

Step #4: Remove and Change the Door Ajar Switch

  • Next, detach the door ajar switch by twisting it 1/2 turn so that it releases from the door latch assembly. Afterward, insert the new door ajar switch.
  • Then, reinstall all the removed parts in reverse order.
  • Finally, test it out before reinstalling the door panel.
Note: If the door ajar light turns on or it stops working, be sure to bypass the door ajar switch like this.

Ending Notes

Replacing the Ford door ajar switch is easy if you have the right tools and clear instructions. If you pay a professional dealer, it might cost between $60 and $120. But if you do it yourself, it could be as low as $6 to $10.

Hope this guide helps you to change this part safely and save the bucks for good. Good Luck with This Project!

Also, take a look at a guide that shows where the door ajar switch is located in a Ford F250, in case you’re not sure. Have fun!

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