why does my door ajar light stay on ford f150

Why Does My Door Ajar Light Stay on Ford F150 and How to Fix It?

Exactly why does my door Ajar light stay on Ford F150 – Is that you? Well, I did some tinkering and found out why!

Your Ford F150 door ajar light is staying on due to a bad wiring harness, a problematic switch, a fuse that’s lost its way, or a stubbornly stuck switch. To fix this you’ll need to do some changing and greasing.

In this guide, I’ll break down exactly why the door ajar light stays on and give you the solutions to fix it by yourself. Let’s begin!

The Reasons and Fixes for Door Ajar Light Stay on Ford F150!

Once you figure out why it’s happening, you can easily fix the problem. Here’s why your F150’s door light stays on and what you can do to make it better:

door ajar light stay on ford f150 causes and fixes
Image 1: Door Ajar Light Stay On Ford F150 – Causes & Fixes
IssuePossible CausesRecommended RepairsCostDuration
Stuck door switch               Corrosion or lack of lubricationLubricate the door switch for smoother operation$6 – $20 (parts & labor)15 minutes
Broken door ajar switchPhysical damage or wear and tearReplace the damaged door ajar switch$50 – $100 (parts & labor)30 minutes
Blown power door locks (BSM) fuseElectrical overload or faultsChange the burnt power door lock (BSM) fuse$10 or above (parts & labor)5 minutes
Faulty door ajar wiring harness Wear, tear, or damage to wiringReplace the faulty door ajar wiring harness$10 – $20 (parts & labor)20 minutes
Table 1: Door Ajar Light Stay On Ford F150 Issues, Possible Causes, Repairs, Possible Fix Cost & Duration

Cause #1: Door Switch Is Stuck

The main reason the door light stays on is often because the switch in the car door gets stuck. To solve this, you can use a powerful oil on the door lock to fix the problem.

How to Resolve It?

You can begin the process by spraying some lubricant directly on the hole of the door jamb latch point a few times. To do it properly, ensure to spray it in all directions.

Then, stop while opening and closing the door for 10 to 20 times. After that, spray the lubricant again. For that, I find the WD40 Specialist Penetrant good which works in 10 minutes to break the corrosion.

Repair Cost: $6 – $20 or above ($6 or less for parts and the rest for labor).

Duration: 15 minutes.

Cause #2: Broken Door Ajar Switch

When the car seems to act weirdly, it’s natural to ask why is my door ajar light still on even though all the doors are closed.

Your door ajar light still on even though all the doors are closed is because of the broken door ajar switch (aka the ground switch). It’s a culprit that blacks the voltage signal from the BCM.

To troubleshoot it, you may need to bypass it temporarily or change the door ajar switch.

How to Resolve It?

To start with, unlock the driver-side door. If the door is locked while the keys are inside, unlock it like this.

Then, expand the door and locate the door ajar’s switch or sensor. Based on one guy in FordF150.net, it’s behind the door cover.

To reach it, you’ll need a screwdriver to detach the door cover and locate the door ajar’s switch. Once you locate it, remove it and install a new one.

Repair Cost: $50 – $100 or above ($50 or less for parts and the rest for labor).

Duration: 30 minutes.

Cause #3: Blown Power Door Locks (BSM) Fuse

If your door seems to close properly and the latch is clean, it indicates the issue of the burnt fuse. The power door lock (BSM) fuse is one of the parts that support to operation of the door ajar’s light.

When this burns out, the door ajar’s light can stuck in the ON position. To repair it, change the power door lock (BSM) fuse.

How to Resolve It?

  • Start by locating the passenger compartment fuse panel in your car.
  • After finding it, open the cover and find the Power Door Locks (BSM) fuse that is 30A. For example, it’s the 107 no fuse on the 2004 to 2008 Ford F150 car.
  • Then, check its condition with a voltmeter and replace it if needed.
  • Lastly, reinstall all the parts.

Repair Cost: $10 or above ($6 or less for parts and the rest for labor).

Duration: 5 minutes.

Cause #4: Faulty Door Ajar Wiring Harness

Sometimes a broken wiring harness can cause the door ajar light to stay on even if all the doors are closed. To fix this issue, you’ll simply need to solder the broken wire.

How to Resolve It?

  • To begin with, open the door and extend it fully.
  • Then, look at the edge of the door and you’ll find a black tube that hides the wiring harness.
  • Afterward, uncover the black tube using a flat screwdriver and look into the condition of the wiring harness. If you locate one or more wires broken, unplug the wiring harness clamp.
  • Next, cut the broken wire’s skin only with a knife and expose its inner metal part. Then, detach the metal pin inside the wiring harness clamp with our hand and solder it with a new wire.
  • After that, put the metal pin inside the wiring harness clamp’s terminal and cut the new wire’s insulation halfway. Then, expose the metal part of the new wire and connect it to the broken wire’s metal part.
  • Finally, use tape or a wire cap to hide the exposed area and put the wiring harness clamp back in its spot. Based on the author of Did It Myself, you can use liquid electrical tape on the gap following the rear tape.
  • Then, reinsert the black tube to cover the wiring harness. Done!

Repair Cost: $10 – $20 or above ($6 or less for parts and the rest for labor).

Duration: 20 minutes.

Note: If you feel bothered by the chime sound, be sure to read this guide to know exactly how you can disable the door ajar on F150 cars.

Ending Notes

Now that you know why your door ajar light stays on the Ford F150, it’s high time to troubleshoot this issue. Hope you find it helpful to fix the issue and save bucks. Good Luck with Your DIY Project!

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