how to tell if F150 has max tow package

This is How to Tell If F150 Has Max Tow Package or Not!

Some users often find themselves puzzled when it comes to determining whether their Ford, specifically the F150 model, is equipped with a maximum tow package. After a thorough investigation, I’ve identified six ways to tell if F150 has max tow package or not.

In general, to tell if the F150 has a max tow package, you can simply examine the receiver’s or hook shape, find information on the window sticker, or check the weight. If these methods are not feasible, an alternative approach is to inspect the car’s Over-The-Air (OTA) cooler.

I’m here to guide you through each of these methods in detail.

Exactly How to Tell If the F150 Has Max Tow Package?

It’s okay if you are curious and asking how do I know if my F-150 has a max trailer tow package since this is hard to acknowledge.

You can know if your F150 F-150 has a max trailer tow package or not by looking at the receiver, window sticker, weight, OTA tranny cooler, hook shape, or its feature.

Let me share each method in detail to help you out in this journey:

Method #1: Spot Max Tow Receiver

To detect if your F150 has Max Tow Package (MTP), you can check the receiver where you connect the safety chains.

ford f150 max vs regular tow package hitch receiver
Image 1: Ford F150 Max Vs Regular Tow Package Hitch Receiver

For trucks with the MTP, this connection spot looks different compared to trucks without it. Usually, it’s a little thicker in shape from the outside with a little design which you can notice.

Method #2: Check the Window Sticker

Sometimes you can find out if your F-150 truck has a max tow package or not by its window sticker. To do that, you’ll need to go to the website and paste your car’s VIN code. And then, you’ll see the window sticker after a few seconds.

According to one user in the F150 Lightning Forum, you’ll need to save the window sticker as a PDF document.

Method #3: Look Into the Weight

By looking at the weight distribution of the tow package, you can figure out whether it’s a max tow package or not. To do that, you’ll need to look at the label of tow which is on the body frame.

Most of the time, the weight distribution of max tow package is around 13,200 to 14,000 lbs while regular ones are between 11,000 to 12,000 lbs. And, the weight-carrying hitch is around 5,000 lbs based on Towing Calculator.

Method #4: Find the Oil-to-Air Tranny Cooler

To check if an F-150 has a max tow package, you can look for a special part called the OTA (Oil-To-Air) tranny cooler aka heat exchanger.

It’s a bit like a small radiator located in front, down low near the main radiator. But, be careful not to mistake it for the cooler that works with the power steering pump, which helps with turning the wheels.

To figure it out easily, follow the hoses connected to the cooler and navigate. If the hoses come from the radiator, that’s the OTA tranny cooler. So, if your car comes with an OTA tranny cooler, it indicates your car has the max tow package.

Method #5: Observe the Hook Shape

Another way how to tell if the F150 has a tow package is by looking at its hook shape. Most of the time, the max tow package will come with a curvy or bendy hook unlike the regular one.

ford f150 hook shape in max vs regular tow package
Image 2: Ford F150 Hook Shape in Max Vs Regular Tow Package

Just look at the hook area and it would look curvy with great gaps around the edges which is noticeable in bare eyes.

Method #6: Other Ways

One more way to find out if your F150 truck has the max tow package (MTP) is by seeing its features. So, what is included in F150 max trailer tow package?

In the F150, the max trailer tow package includes an electronic-locking rear axle, an extended fuel tank, a pro trailer backup assist, a smart trailer tow connector, and a different-style rear bumper.

By checking its parts, you can confirm whether your car has a max trailer tow package or not with no effort.

Wrapping Up

To tell if the F150 has max tow package most easily and quickly, you need to do the above methods.

If you still can’t whether your car has a max or regular tow package, be sure to ask an expert or Ford dealer to know it easily. Hope you find this guide beneficial and I’ll see you soon with a new guide. Take Care!

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