how many catalytic converters are in a ford f150

Exactly How Many Catalytic Converters Are in a Ford F150? [Find Out]

To fix or change the catalytic converters, you need to know how many catalytic converters are in a Ford F150. Well, there are usually about 2 converters – one in the front and one in the back.

I noticed a lot of users can get mixed up because they don’t have enough info. If you are one of those, this guide will help as I’ve broken this information down into easy words.

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There Are Two Catalytic Converters in a Ford F150!

In all Ford F150, you’ll find the catalytic converters that are a part of your car’s exhaust system, working nonstop to lessen the bad pollutants.

No matter what Ford F150 car’s year you have, the number of catalytic converters is the same. To put it clearly, you’ll find around 2 catalytic converters in all older Ford F150 cars made between 1987 to 1993.

Now, you might be wondering exactly how many catalytic converters are in a 1994 Ford F150.

There are 2 catalytic converters in a 1994 Ford F150 car which can be seen if you go underneath the exhaust housing area.

And, the same goes for the later Ford F150 cars from 1995 to 2024 or above. The 2 catalytic converters are on the front and rear sides.

Based on the YITAMotor, the front one is called the front-end catalytic converter, and the rear one is the rear-end catalytic converter. Both of them look different than others even if they are attached under the car.

Front End Catalytic Converter

It’s also known as a driver-side catalytic converter that works as a 3-way converter. This just shifts the oxidation reactions from unburned byproducts to carbon dioxide and hydrogen gases.

front end catalytic converters in a ford f150
Image 1: Front End Catalytic Converter in a Ford F150

As it can lessen the reaction of pollutants, this helps convert the nitrogen oxides to nitrogen gases, making the byproduct less harmful.

Rear End Catalytic Converter

This catalytic converter helps the exhaust pipes that are under the car. It just does the same function as the front-end cats by turning the harmful byproducts into gases that are less dangerous to the car system.

rear end catalytic converters in a ford f150
Image 2: Rear End Catalytic Converter in a Ford F150
Note: Be sure to take care of the catalytic converters as they can cause your F150 car to not start if one goes bad.

How to Locate a Catalytic Converter in a Ford F150 Car?

Once you know how many catalytic converters your F150 car has, you may wonder about the Ford F150 catalytic converter location. To do it yourself, follow the given direction:

  • To begin with, you’ll need to turn off the car, set it to a parking brake, and open the hood. Then, insert the jack stands and pads on the front of your car to lift it.
  • Next, go under the car and locate the catalytic converter which is near the exhaust system.
  • Afterward, spray some lubricant to loosen up the bolts before removing them with a 13mm socket. That way you can remove the exhaust line from the catalytic converter.
  • Then, take out the cross piece that holds the gearbox with an 18mm and 15mm socket after spraying some lubricant on the nuts. During this step, you’ll need to use a 10mm ratchet to detach the heat shields on each crosspiece before removing it.
  • After that, detach the gearbox mount and driveshaft before taking out the f150 O2 sensor. If you don’t know how many O2 sensors your F150 car has, be sure to read this guide.
  • Then, detach the catalytic converter to the exhaust manifold to reach it out.

Wrap Up

Now that you know how many catalytic converters are in a Ford F150, it would be easier for you to take them out under your car. Hope you find this guide helpful to know the number of cats in your F150 and how you can reach them easily. Have A Good Day!

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