where is the transmission fluid dipstick

Where Is the Transmission Fluid Dipstick on Ford Series?

The transmission fluid dipstick location varies across the Ford series of cars. For instance, in Fusion/Explorer/Edge/Taurus models, you’ll find it beneath the air intake filter assembly. In contrast, for Focus/Escape/F150, it can be found under the hood (in the front area).

If you’re unsure about where to find it, don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll provide a detailed breakdown of the transmission fluid dipstick’s location for different Ford series, making it easy for you to locate it.

Let’s get started!

Exactly Where is the Transmission Fluid Dipstick on Ford?

Since Ford offers a variety of truck series, knowing the specific location of the transmission dipstick is vital to checking or changing its transmission fluid. To help you become familiar with these locations, here are the details you need.

where is the transmission fluid dipstick
Image 1: Location of The Transmission Fluid Dipstick On Ford Series

Ford Fusion, Explorer, & Edge Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

If you’re driving one of the newer Fusion, Explorer, or Edge cars, you won’t find a transmission dipstick under the hood or the car. However, if you have an older car, you’re in luck because it comes with a transmission fluid dipstick. The catch is that it’s a bit hidden.

Location of transmission fluid dipstick upper cap in ford fusion ford edge
Image 2: Transmission Fluid Dipstick’s Upper Cap in Ford Fusion & Edge

How to Locate It?

  • Start by popping the hood of your car.
  • Look for the air intake filter box housing and disconnect all the connectors attached to it. Additionally, use a 7mm socket wrench to release the 2 clips securing the large hoses.
  • The next step is to remove the front-facing housing that might be blocking your path. This will involve taking out the bolts with either a 6mm or 7mm socket wrench.
  • Once you’ve cleared the way, locate the small black cap nestled on the ground. This is your access point. Remove the cap, and you’ll have the transmission fluid dipstick in your hand, ready for use.

Note: Be sure to read this guide if you want to know more about Ford Edge transmission fluid.

Ford Escape Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

To check the transmission fluid in your Ford Escape, look under the front of the car’s hood. However, some folks in Vehicle History say that newer cars made in 2017 or later might not have a dipstick because they have automatic transmissions.

How to Locate It?

  • Begin by opening the hood of your Ford Escape.
  • Once the hood is open, direct your attention to the front area inside the hood. There, you’ll find a yellow loop or ring that’s part of the transmission fluid dipstick assembly. It’s usually positioned on top of the transmission fluid tube.
  • After spotting the yellow loop or ring, gently lift it upwards. This action will expose the dipstick itself, complete with a long end. Then, you can add transmission fluid if needed after testing the level.

Ford Focus Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

The transmission fluid dipstick in a Ford Focus is easy to locate. It’s right in the front part of the engine compartment under the hood. To be exact, it’s noticeable to find near the air intake filter housing.

Location of ford focus transmission fluid dipstick
Image 3: Ford Focus Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

How to Locate It?

  • To start with, open the hood of your car.
  • Then, look for the transmission fluid tube on the driver’s side (the right-hand side when you’re facing the front of the car).
  • After that, you can see a yellow loop head part that can be lifted upward and downward. To access the dipstick for checking the transmission fluid, simply lift this yellow loop upwards from the tube.

Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

When you’re considering a replacement for the transmission dipstick tube on your Ford F150, you may need to check the fluid level using a dipstick. To uncover the place of the transmission fluid dipstick in the F150, it can be found in either the engine bay or near the transmission area.

How to Locate It?

  • Firstly, lift the hood of your Ford F150 if the dipstick is located in the engine bay.
  • Then, look for the transmission dipstick, typically on the left or passenger side within the hood or under the car near the transmission.
  • Afterward, if it’s inside the hood, gently pull it up to access the dipstick. If it’s located under the car, use a 19mm socket wrench to remove a large greyish nut, and then pull up the dipstick.

Note: If you want to find out the transmission dipstick location on F150 cars made in various years, be sure to check this guide.

Ford Taurus Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

Locating the Ford Taurus transmission fluid dipstick is possible, but it’s a bit hidden. You can access it by either taking off the air intake filter assembly or using your hand.

Location of ford taurus transmission fluid dipstick
Image 4: Ford Taurus Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

How to Locate It?

  • First of all, pop open the front trunk of your car.
  • Then, remove the connections connected to the air filter box with your hand.
  • Next, use a socket wrench to loosen the bolts on the hoses (if they’re there), and then detach the hoses. Now, take off the air intake filter box under the hood and now you can see the black cap clearly.
  • After that, use your hand to twist the black cap at the bottom of the hood.
  • Afterward, lift it up to find the dipstick.

Ford Fiesta Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

The presence of a dipstick in order to check the transmission fluid in your Ford Fiesta is different from other Fords. Well, most Fiesta cars have an automatic transmission and no dipstick to check the fluid level.

Based on the dubizzle, they come with transmission fluid level check plugs (fill and drain plugs underneath the car) instead. This is because Fiesta transmissions are sealed and need less care.

That means you don’t have to check or change the fluid often. Ford did this to make life easier for Fiesta owners.

With a sealed transmission, there’s less chance of dirty fluid or mistakes in measuring the fluid level. This means less work and stress over the fluid stuff.

Note: Sometimes, you may still need to add transmission fluid, even without a dipstick. You can learn how to do that by checking this.

Wrapping Up

That’s simply where is the transmission fluid dipstick on different Ford series! In some cases, you can reach the dipstick in the front or nearby, and at other times you may need to remove some parts that are blocking it.

Hope you find this guide helpful to figure out the exact spot where the dipstick of transmission fluid is on Ford cars. See You in the Next Guide Soon, Bye!

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