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How To Add Transmission Fluid on Ford F150? [Do It Yourself]

To change the transmission on your Ford F150, you’ll need to put the new transmission fluid on the dipstick tube. Folks sometimes don’t have money to get it done via an expert and look for DIY methods.

To add transmission fluid to your F150, just prepare your tools and follow the steps. Firstly, run the car for a few minutes in the Park. Next, find the tube after detaching the dipstick or big bolt. Then, check the fluid level and temperature. After that, add the fluid and recheck.

Don’t worry if you find the above steps hard to acknowledge! Here, I’ll explain the procedure in detail so you can try it at home. Let’s Get Started!

6 Steps to Add Transmission Fluid on Ford F150!

Adding transmission fluid on Ford F150 cars is an easy task that requires some gears and the right instructions to begin with. To do it properly, look beneath and follow the directions in order:

Things You Will Need

  • Safety gear (gloves)
  • Transporter fluid injector
  • Long tube for transmission fluid
  • Rubber-tipped air nozzle
  • 19mm socket
  • Clean cloth or towel
  • Transmission fluid
  • Funnel
add transmission fluid
Image 1: 6 Steps To Add Transmission Fluid

Step 1: Preparation to Take

Step 2: Idle the Car in the Park

To start, keep the car engine running when you add transmission fluid. This is vital to make sure you measure the fluid level properly. Just check that the engine is running smoothly at around 600 to 750 RPM, while the car is in the Park (P) position.

Step 3: Locate the Transmission Dipstick Tube

Next, find the location of the transmission dipstick tube in order to find the hole where you can add the fluid. In the F150 car, it’s mostly near the engine bay (under the hood) or transmission housing (under the car).

For a detailed explanation, be sure to read this guide to know whether to add transmission fluid where the dipstick is or not.

  • If it’s under the hood, look for the yellow loop or ring dipstick. Then, remove the dipstick using your hand to find the dipstick tube of transmission.
  • If it’s under the car, jack up the car using a transmission jack stand. Next, loosen up the big bolt (dipstick) between the catalytic converter and pan using a 19mm socket wrench. Then, take out the big bolt (dipstick) to locate the dipstick tube.

Note: If the tube seems bad in condition, ensure to replace the transmission dipstick tube in your F150 car before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Check the Fluid Level and Temperature

  • Now, it’s time to check your Ford F150 transmission fluid level and temperature. To do that, take a clean cloth or rag and wipe the dipstick that you’ve removed in the above step.
  • Next, insert the dipstick into the transmission tube and see if the fluid level is in the Low/Min/Add position or not.
  • Then, use a scan tool or dipstick with a hot or cold indicator to check the fluid temperature.
    • If you are using a scan tool, it should be between 91 °C – 102 °C (195 °F – 215 °F).

Pro Tip: If your car’s transmission fluid is in a COLD position, run the car for a few minutes and then recheck the temperature. Keep on doing this until the dipstick shows the HOT position of the fluid.

Step 5: Add Transmission Fluid on the Tube

To add the transmission fluid on the fill tube in the proper way, you can do it in 2 ways by using either a funnel or transporter fluid injector. Let me describe it in detail:

Using Transporter Fluid Injector

add transmission fluid with transporter fluid injector
Image 2: Adding new transmission fluid with a transporter fluid injector
  • Start by putting the transmission fluid fill tube into the hole of the dipstick tube where you add transmission fluid.
  • Then, fill the transporter fluid injector with about the right amount of transmission fluid. You’ll need to fill the tank slowly and have to take breaks in between to avoid overfilling.
  • Afterward, place the injector under your F150 car, ensuring it’s standing up and near the transmission.
  • Next, connect the injector and the fill tube that you have inserted into the dipstick tube of the car. Then, insert the open end of the hose from the injector to the fill tube on the transmission case.
  • After that, grab a rubber-tipped air nozzle and use it to add around 30 PSI pressure into the open end of the hose from the injector. That way you can ensure the fluid flow slowly from the injector into the tank in the proper and safe way.

Using Transmission Fluid Funnel

add transmission fluid with funnel
Image 3: Adding new fluid with a funnel
  • To start with, put the funnel on the dipstick tube in a secure way. It would be better if you use a mid-sized funnel on the hole.
  • Then, add the transmission fluid directly using your hand. When you are filling the tank, you’ll need to take a break in between to prevent overflowing of fluid.

Step 6: Check the Fluid Level Again and Add Fluid (If Needed)

  • Once you feel like the tank is filled, take out the transmission fluid injector along with the fill tube or funnel from the dipstick tube.
  • Then, insert the transmission fluid level indicator or dipstick (after cleaning it) to know the actual level. If it needs some fluids, add just like you’ve done before.
  • Next, use the scan tool or dipstick with a hot/cold indicator to know the temperature as well. If it’s all good, then put on the big bolt (upper portion of dipstick) with a 19mm socket or the dipstick into the transmission tube.
  • After that, lower the car by taking out the jack stand or closing the hood.

Project Cost: $88 – $92 or more.

Duration: 20 – 30 minutes.

Wrapping Up

It’s really crucial to add transmission fluid to your Ford F150 when it’s running low. If you don’t, it can cause big problems for your car’s performance and how long it lasts.

But, with the help of the steps in this guide, I hope you can do it by yourself with confidence. Good Luck, and enjoy your silent rides!

Now, be sure to check out this interesting guide to learn how you can add transmission fluid without a dipstick, especially if your car has a sealed transmission. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add transmission fluid without flushing on the F150?

Yes! It’s safe to add transmission fluid without flushing it on F150 cars. But, keep in mind that adding new fluid to old fluid may not always be the right thing to do.

What are the signs of low transmission fluid in F150?

Low transmission fluid in your F150 may show some earlier signs. Such as unusual noises, burning smells, leaks, slipping gears, slow gear engagement, poor acceleration, and warning lights blinking.

Can I add transmission fluid myself on the F150?

Surely, you can easily add the transmission fluid by yourself on the F150. Just make sure you have the necessary tools and follow the instructions to do it properly.

How much does it cost to add transmission fluid to the F150?

In general, the transmission fluid change cost can range from $300 or more, depending on the complexity, when done by a professional mechanic.

How long do you wait to drive after adding transmission fluid?

You can actually drive after the transmission fluid is in the cold level range. For that, it should be around 32 °C – 43 °C (90 °F – 110 °F).

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