what year f150 wheels are interchangeable

What Year F150 Wheels Are Interchangeable? [Find Out]

What year F150 wheels are interchangeable? That’s a common question among owners seeking customization. To give you a brief idea,

To determine what year wheels of F150 are interchangeable, you must consider two factors, lug bolt patterns and wheel sizes. Additionally, some F150 wheels are interchangeable while others are not. Usually, it depends on the lug bolt pattern and wheel size.

In this guide, I’m glad to share more about F150 wheel compatibility streamlining your search for the perfect upgrade. Enjoy!

Interchangeable F150 Wheels by Year!

Based on lug bolt patterns and sizes, Ford F150 wheels can be interchangeable. If the tires are compatible, you can interchange, or else it’ll cause bad terrain and other issues. So, are all F-150 wheels compatible?

All F-150 wheels are not compatible. In terms of bolt patterns, the 1980 – 2003 F150 wheels are interchangeable, while the 2004 – present F150 wheels are interchangeable. In terms of size, it’s pretty diverse.

To understand it in a better way, look at the given explanation:

Depending on Bolt Patterns

If you look at the bolt pattern of Ford F150 cars by year, it will make things clear that some cars have similar designs while others don’t. Based on the bolt pattern, you can interchange the wheels.

what year f150 wheels are interchangeable depends on lug bolt pattern
Image 1: F150 Wheels Interchangeability Depends On Lug Bolt Pattern

In that case, you may find it confusing and wonder, do all F150s have the same lug pattern or not.

All F150s don’t have the same lug pattern. It basically depends on the car’s year and the number of bolts your car comes with.

Let me break it down with a table:

Ford F150 (By Year)Number of BoltLug Pattern Diagram
1980 – 198655.50″ (139.7 mm)
2004 – 2024 or above65.31” (135 mm)
Table 1: F150 Wheels Lug Bolt Number and Pattern By Year

By looking at the table, you can guess that the 1980 to 1996 F150 cars come with 5 lugs in the wheel. It means you can interchange them with one another.

On the other hand, the 2004 to present F150 cars share 6 lugs, which indicates you can switch them up.

Depending on Size

Just like the lug bolt pattern, another way you can tell which F150 car can be interchanged is by checking the wheel size. Here’s the details:

Ford F150 (By Year)Wheel SizeStud SizeHub or Center Bore
1980 – 199615” – 24”12.7 x 20 mm87 mm
1997 – 199916” – 26”12 x 44.5 mm87 mm
2000 – 2024 or above17” – 26”14 x 51 mm87 mm
Table 2: F150 Wheels, Stud & Hub Or Center Bore Size By Year

In most cases, the 1980 to 1996 F150 cars can be switched as the wheel size, stud size, and hub seem identical. On the other hand, the 1997 to 1999 F150 cars come with similar wheels that can be interchanged.

Then again, the latest F150 cars made from 2000 to the present day have similar wheels, which means you can exchange them with one another.

Ending Notes

In the end, the F150 wheels are interchangeable but with a specific kind! You only need to check the lug bolt pattern and wheel size to confirm that.

If you are still clueless, ensure to check the wheel specification on the owner’s manual. Hope you like this guide and find it helpful. Keep on Learning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Ram 1500 and an F-150 have the same bolt pattern?

A Ram 1500 and F-150 have the same bolt pattern which is 5 x 5.50” in size. However, the center bore or hub of Ford F150 cars is larger than the Dodge Ram 1500.

What lug pattern is a 6-lug Ford F-150?

A 6 lug indicates a 6 x 135 mm lug pattern on the Ford F150. In other words, the car has 6 lug bolts in the wheel and the diameter of the circle is 135 mm.

Can you put 20-inch rims on a Ford F-150?

You can put 20-inch rims on a Ford F150 car if it is interchangeable. In that case, just check the lug bolt pattern and wheel size before putting one.

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