how to disable door ajar on ford f150

3 Methods to Disable Door Ajar on Ford F150!

To disable the door ajar on the Ford F150, you can actually try more than just one way. I’ve found 3 methods that anyone can try.

You can disable the door ajar on the Ford F150 by either pulling out the designated fuse, cutting a specific wire on the door ajar switch, or employing a seat belt trick.

In this guide, I’ll provide precise instructions on each of these 3 methods and hopefully, you’ll be able to sort out the issue. Let’s dive right into it!

Here’s How to Disable Door Ajar on Ford F150 Car

There are three ways how you can easily turn off the door ajar setting in your Ford F150 car. Let me break it down below:

Method #1: Remove Ford F150 Door Ajar Fuse

As BMS is the main system that controls the working of the door ajar feature, you can remove the fuse to temporarily disable it.

use passenger compartment fuse to disable door ajar on ford f150
Image 1: Using Passenger Compartment Fuse to Disable Door Ajar on Ford F150

To do that, you’ll need to locate the passenger compartment fuse and simply remove the Power Door Locks (BMS) fuse to disable the door ajar. When this fuse gets burnt or damaged, it can cause your car’s door ajar light to stay on for a long while.

If your car is also having this kind of issue, be sure to check this guide to know why the door ajar light stays on.

Method #2: Cut Wire of Door Ajar Switch

This is one of the most effective ways you can disable the door ajar without damaging anything. To do that, follow the given direction:

  • To begin with, fully open the door and look for a black tube-like thing between the door and the truck’s main body.
  • Once you’ve spotted the black tube, uncover it. Inside, you’ll see the wiring that connects to a switch sensing if the door is open or closed.
  • Then, use a flat screwdriver to disconnect the plug attached to the wiring. Take a good look at the wires and connections.
  • Now, depending on whether it’s the passenger or driver’s side door, cut a particular wire. If it’s the passenger side, it’s a black/purple wire. For the driver’s side, it’s black/yellow. This will turn off the switch that senses if the door is open.
  • After cutting the wire, make sure to cover the exposed part of the wire using a wire cap or tape. This helps to keep it safe. Then, put back all the parts you removed earlier.

Method #3: Use Seat Belt Trick

You can turn off the door-ajar chime to get rid of the annoying sound when the door is open. Here’s how to disable door chime on Ford F150 cars:

use seat belt trick to disable door ajar on ford f150
Image 2: Using Seat Belt to Disable Door Ajar on Ford F150
  • Firstly, ensure the key is not in the ignition, your seat belts are not fastened, and all doors are closed properly.
  • Next, put the key into the ignition but don’t start the truck. Just turn it enough so the electricity is on.
  • Then, wait for about 60 seconds until the seatbelt warning light on the dashboard turns off.
  • Once it’s off, buckle and unbuckle your seat belt 3 times quickly. Based on a user of the F150 car in Vehicle History, you should end this with the seat belt unbuckled. You have to do this within 30 seconds of the warning light turning off.
  • After you’ve done this, the light will come back on. Then, buckle and unbuckle the seat belt 3 more times. This time, the light will flash. And voila! The door chime will be turned off.

Overall Thoughts

In the end, it’s pretty simple to disable door ajar on Ford F150 if you know the process with a little mechanic skill.

Just avoid damaging the wires or fuse when you do so as it will be costly to repair later. If you are not confident in this task, it’s best to seek an expert’s help. Hope you find this guide beneficial to know the procedure. Good Luck!

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