what year f150 have 6x135 bolt pattern

Find Out Exactly What Year F150 Have 6×135 Bolt Pattern!

Anyone curious about what year F150 comes with a 6×135 bolt pattern might be planning a wheel upgrade, looking into spare tire compatibility or perhaps conducting customization. Regardless of the cause, you shall find the answers in this guide.

The 6×135 bolt pattern is featured in Ford F150 models from 2004 to 2024 or above. However, for a better understanding, you should also find out some other specs.

In this guide, I’ll break down not only the year of the f150 that has this bolt pattern but also the other crucial specs related. Keep on reading…

2004 to 2024 or Above F150 Have 6×135 Bolt Pattern!

The bolt pattern on a Ford F150 usually varies based on years. And, you’ll find the 6×135 mm bolt pattern in the latest F150 car models which are made from 2004 to the present day. Here’s the table and details of the car’s year that has this bolt pattern:

Ford F150 (By Year)Number of BoltDiameter (mm/in)Wheel Size (in)OffsetHub Bore
2004 to 20086135 mm (5.31”)17” to 22”25 – 40 mm (M/H)87mm
2009 to 20136135 mm (5.31”)17” to 20”25 – 40 mm (M/H)87mm
2014 to 20226135 mm (5.31”)17” to 22” or above25 – 40 mm (M/H)87 mm
2023 to 2024 or above6135 mm (5.31”)17” to 26”25 – 40 mm (M/H)87 mm
Table 1: Ford F150 By Year, Bolt Pattern, Wheel Size, Offset & Hub Bore

Why Does the Ford F150 Use the 6×135 Bolt Pattern?

Ford make massive changes in the years 2003 to 2004 by introducing the 6-lug bolt pattern on the F150 car’s wheel. The reason the latest F150s use a 6×135 mm bolt pattern is a few.

Why f150 use 6x135 bolt pattern
Image 1: Why F150 Use 6×135 Bolt Pattern

Firstly, using a 6-bolt hub is more expensive to make than a 5-bolt one. It needs more material, ensuring more quality. This is especially important for trucks like the Ford F150, which are built for daily driving purposes and don’t put as much stress on the wheels.

Another reason for this change is to have individuality. You see, F150 cars with 6×135 mm bolt patterns can make a car look unique, unlike another brand’s vehicle.

For example, the Subaru WRX STI has a different bolt pattern than the regular WRX. This might be on purpose to make sure the wheels don’t fit interchangeably between the two models.

Lastly, there’s a performance side to it. A bigger bolt pattern makes the connection between the wheel and the hub stronger.

This design is less likely to break or crack under different forces. Think of it like attaching a big disc to a hub – if the attachment points are very close to the center, it acts like a lever.

Moving these attachment points outward (increasing the bolt pattern) reduces the lever effect, making the wheel more resistant to sideways forces and less likely to break.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what year F150 have 6×135 bolt pattern, you can easily switch the wheels safely. I hope this guide gives you the information you need and find it helpful. See You with a new topic soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What year did the F-150 go to 6 lugs?

In 2004, the F-150 went to 6 lugs. Ford decided to make a few adjustments to the F150’s wheelbase. They switched from using 5 bolts to 6 bolts.

What is the Ford F-150 6 bolt pattern?

Ford F150 6 bolt pattern is the imaginary circle that you can see on the wheelbase by counting the lug holes at the center. You only need to Imagine a circle made by the holes in the middle of your wheel to make the bolt pattern.

Are all F-150 6-lug patterns the same?

All F-150 6-lug patterns are the same! It means that no matter which year F-150 you have, there are always 6 bolts on the wheelbase.

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