2002 ford explorer transmission fluid

The Ultimate Guide on 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid!

As a user, you’ll need to know all the nuances about the transmission fluid in your 2002 Explorer car, from capacities to change intervals, fluid types, and so on details.

The 2002 Ford Explorer transmission fluid type is Motorcraft Mercon or Mercon V series based on transmission. It can hold 2.4 or 12.0 liters of fluid in the tank and needs to be changed every 30k – 150k. FYI, the car doesn’t have a dipstick.

Here, I’ll show you what kind of fluid your car can take, how much it can take, when you need to change the fluid, and so on details. Let’s Get Started!

The 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Type!

Unlike the 2013 Ford Explorer transmission fluid type, you’ll need to use diverse kinds of transmission fluid on 2002 Ford Explorer cars. Take a look at this table and the details given below to understand it better:

2002 ford explorer transmission fluid type
Image 1: 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Type
Transmission TypeFluid NamePart NameSpecification
5-speed manualMotorcraft Mercon Multi-Purpose ATFXT-2-QDXMercon
Automatic (5R55W)Motorcraft Mercon V ATFXT-5-QMMercon V
Table 1: 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Type, Fluid Type, Part Name & Specification

As both kinds of transmission contain inner moving gears, it’s vital to avoid friction by using the right type of fluid.

For that, you’ll need to know exactly what transmission fluid does a 2002 Ford Explorer use.

The 2002 Ford Explorer uses Mercon or Mercon V series transmission fluid depending on transmission type. If it’s a manual type, use Motorcraft Mercon Multi-Purpose (XT-2-QDX) fluid. However, if it’s automatic, use Motorcraft Mercon V (XT-5-QM) fluid.

When to Change 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid?

Depending on the driving style on different conditions, you may need to change the transmission fluid often or less in the 2002 Ford Explorer car. Here’s what I mean:

Driving ConditionAutomatic Transmission Change IntervalManual Transmission Change Interval
Normal or regularEvery 30k, 60k, 90k, 120k, and 150k milesEvery 30k miles
SpecialEvery 60k and 120k milesEvery 30k miles
Table 2: 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Change Interval For Automatic and Manual Transmission

In Normal Driving Conditions

If you are taking your car in the usual driving style, it may need to change the automatic transmission fluid at 5 different mileages.

It’s advised by Ford to change the fluid every 30k, 60k, 90k, 120k, and 150k miles. On the other hand, you should change the manual transmission fluid every 60k and 120k miles.

Based on one user in Repair Pal, it’s realistic to change the automatic transmission fluid every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

In Special Driving Conditions

When you take your car in the following driving conditions, it’s best to replace the automatic and manual transmission fluid every 30k miles:

  • If using a trailer, camper, or car-top carrier.
  • If idling extensively or driving at low speed for a long period.
  • If going on dusty or sandy roads.
  • If doing off-road driving.

The 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Capacity!

In the 2002 Ford Explorer car, you’ll find diverse abilities to hold the transmission fluid based on the transmission type.

2002 ford explorer transmission fluid capacity
Image 2: 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Capacity

So, how many quarts of transmission fluid does a 2002 Ford Explorer take?

The 2002 Ford Explorer takes 2.54 or 12.7 quarts of transmission fluid depending on transmission type. For cars with a 5-speed manual trans, it can hold 2.54 quarts of fluid. And, if your car has an automatic trans, the fluid capacity is 12.7 quarts.

Let me break it down below in detail:

Transmission TypeFluid Capacity
5-speed Manual2.4 liters (5.1 pints)
Automatic (5R55W)12.0 liters (25.4 pints)
Table 3: 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Type and Fluid Capacity
  • For a 5-speed Manual Transmission: It holds around 2.4 liters, equal to roughly 5 pints.
  • For an Automatic (5R55W) Transmission: It can take up to 12.0 liters, equivalent to approximately 25 pints.

Where Is the 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Dipstick Location?

Knowing the dipstick location is essential to check or add transmission fluid to your 2002 Ford Explorer car. But, does a 2002 Ford Explorer have a transmission dipstick?

The 2002 Ford Explorer doesn’t have a transmission dipstick. Instead, all cars come with a check-fill plug under the car near the transmission housing to add fluid.

To check the transmission fluid level, you’ll need to contact the Ford dealer or an expert who has specialized tools.

How To Add Transmission Fluid On 2002 Ford Explorer?

As you can’t check the 2002 Ford Explorer transmission fluid, it’s ideal to drain fully and then add some. Here’s how to do it yourself:

  • Park on a Flat Surface: Find a place where your car can rest evenly. This could be a level driveway or a parking spot.
  • Clean the Plug: The plug you’ll be using to check the fluid should be free from any dirt or debris. Wipe it clean so you can see it clearly.
  • Check the Fluid Level: Remove the plug carefully. You’ll be able to see the fluid level. It should be at the bottom of the opening where the plug was.
  • Verify the Fluid Level: Ensure that the fluid is at the bottom of the hole. This confirms that the transmission has enough fluid.
  • Add Fluid if Necessary: If the fluid level is below the bottom of the opening, you need to add more. Use a funnel to pour in transmission fluid until it reaches the correct level.
  • Secure the Plug: Once you’ve reached the desired level, securely put the plug back in its place. Make sure it’s tight so that no fluid can leak out.

Wrap Up

Learning about your 2002 Ford Explorer’s transmission fluid is vital to take good care of it. To avoid friction and damage to the inner parts, it’s best to maintain the transmission by using the right fluid and instruction.

All you need to do is change the fluid at the right time, know which type to use, and how much it can take. Hope this guide helps you to know all these in a detailed way. Stay Informed!

Now, if you want to know everything about the Ford transmission fluid in detail, read this guide. Enjoy Reading!

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