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The Ultimate Ford Transmission Fluid Guide in 2024(Free Maintenance Checklist Included!)

Transmission health depends on proper care, and neglecting the Ford transmission fluid can lead to costly issues. Ford requires changing transmission fluid once every 30k – 150k and it can hold between 1.7 – 13.9 quarts of fluid. Ford suggests using Motorcraft Mercon or a synthetic type of fluid.

But that’s the bare basic information to know.

To master proper transmission maintenance, you must find more. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll dive into the specifics, covering fluid types, capacities, change intervals, dipstick location, checking/adding process, and maintenance tips.

You’ll find out the precise transmission fluid information on your Ford model, from the Focus to the Explorer, Edge, Fiesta, Fusion, and Taurus. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time car owner, this guide ensures you’re equipped with all the essential knowledge to maintain your Ford’s transmission.

ford transmission fluid information
Image 1: Ford Transmission Fluid Facts

What Kind of Ford Transmission Fluid You Need?

If you have one or two different series of Ford car, you might wonder what type of transmission fluid does a Ford use.

A Ford uses Motorcraft Mercon or a synthetic type of transmission fluid. It varies based on the car’s year and transmission type.

I’ll break down each Ford series and then share with you exactly what kind of fluid it uses:

Ford Focus Transmission Fluid Type

Transmission TypeCar’s YearFluid NamePart Name
Automatic2000 – 2007Motorcraft Mercon VXT-5-QM
Manual (IB5)2000 – 2007Motorcraft Synthetic Manual Transmission FluidXT-M5-QS
­­Manual MTX 752000 – 2002Motorcraft Mercon ATFXT-2-QDX
Automatic2008 – 2011Motorcraft Mercon LV ATFXT-10-QLV
Manual2008 – 2011Motorcraft Synthetic Manual Transmission FluidXT-M5-QS
Automatic2012 – 2014Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission FluidXT-11-QDC
Manual2012 – 2014Motorcraft Full Synthetic Manual Transmission FluidBOT350-M3 / WSS-M2C200-D2
Automatic2015 – 2018Motorcraft Mercon LV ATFXT-10-QLV / CXT-10-LV12
Manual or automatic2015 – 2018Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission FluidXT-11-QDC
Table 1: Ford Focus Transmission Fluid Name & Part Name for Different Transmission and Years

Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Type

When it comes to F150 cars, the transmission fluid type is the Mercon series. For example, you’ll find the 2007 – 2008 F150 cars use Motorcraft Mercon ATF / V ATF while the rest use a different kind of fluid.

If you own a 07 F150 car, learn here about the 2007 Ford F150 transmission fluid type and other details.

As all year’s F150 uses a diverse fluid type, I’ll suggest checking this guide that explains what kind of transmission fluid Ford F150 car take.

Ford Escape Transmission Fluid Type

Transmission TypeCar’s YearFluid NamePart Name
Automatic2001 – 2006Motorcraft Mercon ATFXT-2-QDX
Manual2001 – 2006Motorcraft SAE 75W-90 Special BlendF32Z-19C547–MA
Automatic2007 – 2008Motorcraft Mercon V ATFXT-5-QM
Manual2007 – 2008Motorcraft SAE 75W-90 Special BlendXY-75W90-QGL / WSS-M2C203-A1 and GL-4
Automatic2009 – 2014Motorcraft Mercon LV ATFXT-10-QLV
Manual2009Motorcraft SAE 75W-90 Special BlendZC-32-A
Manual2010 – 2012Motorcraft SAE 75W-90 Special BlendXT-4-QGL
Automatic2015Motorcraft Mercon LV ATFXT-10-QLVC
Automatic2016 – 2019Motorcraft Mercon LV ATFXT-10-QLVC / CXT-10-LV12
Automatic2020Motorcraft Mercon ULV ATFXT-12-QULV
Table 2: Ford Escape Transmission Fluid Name & Part Name for Different Transmission and Years

Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Type

For those who own an Explorer car, the transmission fluid may differ based on the car’s year and transmission type.

In 1996 to 2005 Explorer cars, you should use either Motorcraft Mercon ATF (XT-2-QDX) or Motorcraft Mercon V ATF (XT-5-QM).

Then again, the 2006 to 2008 Ford Explorer car takes the Motorcraft Mercon V ATF (XT-5-QM) or Motorcraft MERCON SP ATF (XT-6-QSP).

However, if you own the 2009 to 2024 or above Ford Explorer, it’s ideal to use Motorcraft Mercon V ATF (XT-5-QM) and Motorcraft Mercon LV ATF (XT-10-QLV / XT-10-QLVC)

In case you want to know the details of the 2013 Ford Explorer transmission fluid, be sure to read this guide and understand all.

Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid Type

Ford suggests using diverse transmission fluid on Ford Fusion cars. It may differ depending on when the car is made and which transmission is used.

Well, you can use Motorcraft 75W-90 gear oil (F32Z-19C547-MA), Motorcraft FNR5 ATF (XT-9-QMM5), and Motorcraft Premium ATF (XT-8-QAW) in the 2006 – 2008 Fusion car.

However, if it’s a 2010 – 2013 Fusion car, you can try Motorcraft 75W-90 API GL-4 gear oil (XT-4-QGL), Motorcraft Premium ATF (XT-8-QAW), or Motorcraft Mercon LV ATF (XT-10-QLV).

If you have a 2012 Fusion car, be certain to read this guide to know everything about the 2012 Ford Fusion transmission fluid including its fluid type in detail.

Coming back to the point, you can use Motorcraft Mercon LV ATF (XT-10-QLV) and Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid (XT-11-QDC) on the 2014 – 2020 Fusion car.

Ford Edge Transmission Fluid Type

For those with a Ford Edge car, the transmission fluid type can differ based on car year and transmission. Most of the time, you’ll need to use the Motorcraft Mercon V (XT-5-QM) / LV (XT-10-QLV) / ULV (AT-12-QULV) ATF.

Depending on the car’s year and transmission, it may vary. To know what kind of fluid a Ford Edge takes, be sure to read it as I’ve covered all the details per year!

Ford Fiesta Transmission Fluid Type

The Fiesta car usually takes either Motorcraft Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid (XT-M5-QS) or Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid (XT-11-QDC). It depends on the transmission type and the car’s year.

To know more about this, I suggest checking this guide to know the nuts and bolts of the Ford Fiesta transmission fluid type.

Ford Taurus Transmission Fluid Type

You can use the Motorcraft Mercon ATF (XT-2-QX) on the 1996 to 1997 Ford Taurus car as the brand suggests. However, if you have a 1998 to 2009 Ford Taurus car, try using the Motorcraft Mercon V ATF (XT-5-QM).

Then again, the 2010 to 2014 Taurus cars use Motorcraft Mercon LV ATF (XT-10-QLV) to ensure proper lubrication. On the flip side, it’s ideal to use Motorcraft Mercon LV ATF (XT-10-QLVC / CXT-10-LV12) on 2015 to 2019 Taurus cars.

However, you can use the Dexron VI fluid on your Ford Taurus car according to one guy in the Ford Taurus Forum.

How Much Ford Transmission Fluid Does It Take?

Under this section, I’ll break down exactly how much transmission fluid the Ford cars take based on each series:

Ford Car SeriesTransmission TypeFluid Capacity (Quarts)
FocusAutomatic or Manual1.9 – 6.9
EscapeAutomatic8.5 – 11.6
EscapeManual2.32 –2.85
ExplorerAutomatic9.5 – 13.9
ExplorerManual3.1 – 3.4
FusionAutomatic3.0 – 11.6
EdgeAutomatic9.0 – 12.2
FiestaAutomatic or Manual1.8 – 2.2
TaurusAutomatic or Manual9.0 – 13.5
Table 3: Ford Transmission Fluid Capacity for Different Transmission and Series

Ford Focus Transmission Fluid Capacity

The transmission fluid that the Ford Focus car carries is around 1.9 to 6.9 quarts. In general, the 2000 – 2011 Focus car can hold 6.9 quarts of automatic transmission fluid and 2.0 – 2.1 quarts of manual transmission fluid.

On the other hand, the 2012 – 2018 Focus car can take 1.9 quarts of automatic or manual transmission fluid. In case your Focus car is made in 2014, learn here exactly how much it can hold.

Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Capacity

If you have a Ford F150 car, it can hold around 1.5 to 18 quarts of transmission fluid in the tank. The newer F150 cars can carry less fluid while the older ones hold massive fluid capacity. You can know the Ford F150 transmission fluid capacity in detail by looking at this guide.

Ford Escape Transmission Fluid Capacity

If you have an older and later Ford Escape from 2001 to 2020 or above, it needs different amounts of fluid for its transmission.

The cars from 2001 to 2004 used about 9.0 to 10.2 quarts of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and 2.32 to 2.85 quarts of manual transmission fluid (MTF). From 2005 to 2007, it can take 10.2 quarts of ATF and 2.4 to 2.5 quarts of MTF.

Then again, Escape made between 2008 and 2019 can hold around 9.0 quarts of ATF and 2.4 quarts of MTF. But if you have a 2011 model, you might want to check this guide to know exactly how much it can hold and other details.

Now, the newer Escape cars from 2020 onwards have different fluid needs. It can hold between 8.5 to 11.6 quarts of ATF.

Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Capacity

For the 1996 to 2001 models, the car can carry between 9.5 to 13.9 quarts of ATF, and 3.4 quarts of MTF.

Moving to the 2002 to 2005 models, it can hold no more than 12.7 quarts of the automatic transmission fluid and 3.1 quarts of the MTF. If you own a 2002 Ford Explorer, find out how much fluid it needs and more info in this helpful guide.

For the 2006 to 2011 models, the car can take 11.2 to 13.0 quarts of the ATF and 3.1 quarts of the manual transmission fluid. As for the 2012 to 2019 models, it can carry between 9.0 to 11.6 quarts of fluid.

Then again, for the 2020 models and beyond, your car can hold no more than 12.6 quarts of the automatic transmission fluid.

Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid Capacity

The 2006 to 2009 Fusion cars come with similar fluid capacity. Cars made these years can hold no more than 3.0 to 7.4 quarts in the tank.

If you have the 2008 Fusion car, be sure to check this guide that explains all about the 2008 Ford Fusion transmission fluid.

Then again, if the Fusion car is made between 2010 to 2020, it can hold around 3.0 to 11.6 quarts of fluid. However, the 2014 and above car can hold 1.7 quarts of manual transmission fluid.

Ford Edge Transmission Fluid Capacity

Between 2007 and 2009, Ford Edge cars can carry around 10.0 quarts of automatic transmission to operate smoothly.

On the other hand, the 2010 Ford Edge cars can hold approximately 9.4 quarts of fluid, while the 2011 to 2018 cars can carry 9.0 to 11.1 quarts. It differs slightly over these years.

And, if you have a 2013 one, learn here to know about the ins and outs of the 2013 Ford Edge’s transmission fluid.

Then again, the 2019 Ford Edge can carry between 11.4 to 12.2 quarts of the automatic transmission fluid.

Ford Fiesta Transmission Fluid Capacity

No matter if your Fiesta car has a manual or automatic transmission, it can hold approximately 1.8 to 2.2 quarts. Based on the car’s year, the fluid capacity can differ.

Ford Taurus Transmission Fluid Capacity

Depending on the car’s engine type and year, you’ll detect diverse fluid capacity on the Ford Taurus car. Mostly, it can carry between 9.0 to 13.5 quarts of fluid in the tank.

How Long Does Ford Transmission Fluid Last?

By and large, you should change the Ford transmission fluid once every 2 to 9 years to avoid damaging the inner gears.

Based on the Richmond Ford West, it’s better to change the fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. However, if you drive in the usual way without using a trailer, idle recklessly, or run on dusty roads, it’s enough to change it once 150k.

However, there are some exceptions! For example, if you are talking about the 2011 Ford Fusion, it needs to be changed differently based on the transmission type and how you drive on the road.

To get the point, be sure to know the bolts and nuts of the 2011 Ford Fusion transmission fluid by checking this guide.

In the same way, if you have a Ford F150 car and are not sure when to change the fluid, read here to know about its change interval.

Where Is Ford Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location?

You’ll find the dipstick under the hood, around the air intake filter assembly, battery, brake fluid reservoir, engine bay, and so on. The location may vary based on the Ford series!

Well, the Focus cars have a dipstick either on the side of the engine bay or under the air intake filter housing. In case you own one, take a look at this guide that shows the location of the 2012 Ford Focus transmission fluid dipstick.

On the other hand, the Escape cars have diverse locations for the dipstick. You can find the dipstick near the brake fluid reservoir, air intake filter housing, battery, or power distribution. To know the exact spot of the Ford Escape transmission fluid dipstick location, check this guide!

Then again, if you have a Taurus car, you can find it near the brake fluid reservoir or air filter assembly in a hidden state. To know the spot and other details, learn here about the Ford Taurus transmission fluid!

In case you are busy and want to know the exact location where the transmission fluid dipstick is in a Ford car, read this guide!

How to Check and Add Ford Transmission Fluid in the Right Way?

Checking and adding transmission fluid in Ford cars is super easy and similar as long as the car comes with a dipstick. The process is pretty similar to checking the 2013 to 2014 Ford Escape transmission fluid, you can check here for details.

Firstly, you’ll need to drive for around 20 miles to heat the fluid up and park the car on an even ground. Then, idle the car while changing the gears and position the gearshift lever to Park. Next, find the dipstick and check the fluid on the tube. Lastly, add fluid through the tube.

However, if your car doesn’t come with a dipstick and contains a check filler plug under the car or hood, then the process of checking fluid will be diverse.

It’s similar when you check the transmission liquid in a 2015 to 2016 Escape car. You can find out how to do it in detail by reading here.

In that case, you’ll need to locate the check filler plug and remove it (either under the hood or the car). Then, detect the fluid level that should be even with the oil level check plug’s opening. After detecting that, add fluid if needed.

Note: If you have a Ford F150 car, read here to know exactly how to check its transmission fluid.

Wrapping Up

That’s all I have for Ford transmission fluid in this guide! But there’s more if you’d like to check.

I’ve extensively covered the intricacies of Ford transmission fluid across various series and model years in tons of other articles.

This exploration aims to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding the distinctions of transmission fluid requirements in Ford vehicles.

Having insights into capacity, types, change intervals, and fluid level checking methods, you have the tools to ensure your Ford’s transmission operates at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colour is Ford transmission fluid?

Ford transmission fluid is a little reddish or brownish-red in shade when it’s fresh and new. But, if it gets older, the color darkens up.

Who makes Ford transmission fluid?

Ford is the owner who makes the Ford transmission fluid that all cars use. In other words, they made the Mercon ATF in different versions so that you can use it on Ford cars.

Is Ford transmission fluid synthetic?

In most cases, Ford transmission fluids are synthetic. It’s because they want to make sure the fluid doesn’t mess up or cause rust when it warms up.

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