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The Ultimate Guide On 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid!

To maintain the transmission system, 2013 Ford Explorer users must know enough information on its transmission fluid. From capacity to type, change interval, dipstick location, and so on.

The 2013 Ford Explorer transmission fluid type is Mercon LV series and it needs to be changed every 30k or 150k miles. Plus, the tank can hold 9.0 to 11.6 quarts of fluid. And, cars with 6F35 and 6F55 transmission has a dipstick that is below or next to the air intake filter.

As it’s hard to cover all the topics in three lines, I’ll break down all about the transmission fluid of the 2013 Explorer in this guide. Let’s Go!

The 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Type!

Unlike the 2002 Ford Explorer transmission fluid type, you’ll need to use diverse kinds of fluid for your 2013 Explorer transmission’s health.

2013 ford explorer transmission fluid type
Image 1: 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Type

So, What type of transmission fluid does my 2013 Ford Explorer take?

Your 2013 Ford Explorer takes Motorcraft Mercon LV (XT-10-QLV) transmission fluid. Ford suggests using the Mercon LV series fluid regardless of what type of transmission it has.

By and large, the 2013 Ford Explorer comes with 6-speed 6F50, 6F55, and 6F35 types of transmission. No matter what type of transmission your car has, it is ideal to use the Mercon LV (XT-10-QLV) ATF.

However, you can use the Dexron VI ATF in your 2013 Explorer car as suggested by one user in the Vehicle History.

When to Change 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid?

As a user, it’s okay to get curious and question how often should I change the transmission fluid in a 2013 Ford Explorer.

You should change the transmission fluid in a 2013 Ford Explorer between 30k and 150k miles (48k and 240k kilometers). It depends on how you drive!

Here’s what I mean:

Driving ConditionChange Interval (in Miles or Kilometers)Change Interval (in Years or Months)
NormalEvery 150,000 miles (240,000 kilometers)9 years (108 months)
OccasionalEvery 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers)1.8 years (20 months)
Table 1: 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Change Interval In Miles Or Kilometers and Years or Months

In Normal Driving Conditions

Under regular driving conditions, it’s recommended to change the transmission fluid approximately every 150,000 miles (240,000 kilometers) or every 9 years (108 months).

In Special Driving Conditions

Under occasional driving conditions, it’s ideal to replace the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers). This applies when you do the following actions:

  • Tow a carrier or camper.
  • Idle extensively or drive at low speed for a long period.
  • Drive on dusty or sandy roads.

The 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Capacity!

Depending on the type of transmission, the 2013 Ford Explorer has a diverse capacity to hold the transmission fluid.

So, how many quarts does a 2013 Ford Explorer transmission take?

The 2013 Ford Explorer transmission can take around 9.0 – 11.6 quarts of fluid. The exact amount of fluid that the car can take actually depends on the transmission type.

Let me break it down below:

Transmission TypeCodeFluid Capacity
6F50 automaticJ10.3 liters (22 pints)
6F55 automaticC11.0 liters (23.2 pints)
6F35 automatic68.5 liters (18 pints)
Table 1: 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Type, Code and Fluid Capacity
  • For cars with a 6F50 automatic transmission, it can hold 10.8 quarts (10.3 liters or 22 pints) of fluid in the tank.
  • For cars with a 6F55 automatic transmission, it has an 11.6 quarts (11.0 liters or 23.2 pints) fluid capacity.
  • For cars with a 6F35 automatic transmission, it can carry 9.0 quarts (8.5 liters or 18 pints) of fluid.

The 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Dipstick Location!

Learning where the dipstick is in a 2013 Ford Explorer is super important if you want to check the fluid level or its temperature.

If you are also wondering where is the transmission dipstick on a 2013 Explorer, it’s either below or next to the air intake filter. But, if it’s the 6F35 automatic trans, you won’t find the dipstick.

To understand it in a better way, here’s the details:

2013 ford explorer transmission dipstick location
Image 2: 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Dipstick Location

For Cars with a 6F35 Automatic Transmission

If your car comes with a 6F35 automatic transmission, it doesn’t have a regular dipstick like most. That means you can’t check the fluid or how hot it is.

According to Fosuv, it’s best to get the transmission fluid looked at by a dealer that Ford recommends or approves. And if it needs any changes, let a certified pro take care of it.

For Cars with a 6F50 and 6F55 Automatic Transmission

If your car has a 6F50 or 6F55 automatic transmission, it does have a dipstick that is under or left side of the air intake filter housing area. To reach it, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Firstly, turn off the engine and open the hood of your car.
  • Locate the dipstick that is next to the air filter. If not, it’s under the air intake. In that case, take a rag to clean the area around where the air filter connects to a rubber hose.
  • Afterward, take off the bolt cover if there’s one. Then, detach the 2 black bolts that insert the air filter in the front area.
  • Next, release the clamp that holds the air filter to the rubber hose and pull up the harness retaining clip.
  • Now, lift the air filter assembly carefully so that it disconnects from the sealed grommets (under the air filter assembly).
  • After that, twist the air filter assembly at 90° anticlockwise and reinstall into the rubber hose.
  • Lastly, tighten out the clamp and you’ll find the transmission fluid dipstick.

How To Check and Add Transmission Fluid On 2013 Ford Explorer?

You can only check and add transmission fluid in 2013 Ford Explorer cars that have the 6F50 or 6F55 transmission. These cars have a dipstick to help you check and add fluid. Other types won’t have this dipstick for the transmission fluid.

2013 ford explorer transmission fluid check to add
Image 3: Check and Add 2013 Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid

Here’s how do you check the transmission fluid on a 2013 Ford Explorer:

Firstly, drive for around 20 miles to warm up the fluid and park the car. Then, idle the engine and change the all gears (starting and ending with Park). Next, open the hood and remove the dipstick. Afterward, clean it with a rag and reinsert it to read the fluid level.

Once you’ve done checking the fluid level on the transmission tube, add some fluid if needed. Lastly, close the dipstick and hood. That’s it!

Wrapping Up

Maintaining the car’s transmission will be easier when you know all about the 2013 Ford Explorer transmission fluid.

Just be sure to take care of the transmission by using the proper kind of fluid in the right way to avoid the noise or slipping of gears. I hope this detailed guide helps you a little. See You Later!

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