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The Ultimate Guide of 2008 Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid!

Loads of folks are curious about Ford transmission fluid —how to add it, which type works, and when it needs changing. Similarly, there’s a buzz about the 2008 Fusion’s transmission fluid.

The 2008 Ford Fusion transmission fluid type is Motorcraft series ATF. It can take around 3.0 to 7.4 quarts of fluid in the tank. And, this needs to be changed every 30k to 150k miles based on driving style.

In this guide, I’ll explain all you need to know about the transmission fluid in 2008 Ford Fusion cars. Let’s get started!

The 2008 Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid Type!

To confirm the health of the transmission system, it’s essential to figure out what kind of transmission fluid a Ford Fusion 2008 car takes. Under this segment, let me share the details:

Transmission TypeFluid NamePart NameSpecification
Manual G5MMotorcraft 75W-90 gear oil (non-synthetic)XY-75W90-Q GLWSS-M2C203-A1 and GL-4
Automatic FNR5 (5-speed)Motorcraft FNR5 Automatic Transmission FluidXT-9-QMM5MAZDA M5
Automatic F21 (6-speed)Motorcraft Premium Automatic Transmission FluidXT-8-QAWWSS-M2C924-A
Table 1: 2008 Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid Type for Different Transmission, Part Name & Specification
  • Use the Motorcraft 75W-90 gear oil (non-synthetic) XY-75W90-Q if your car has a manual G5M transmission.
  • Go for the Motorcraft FNR5 Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-9-QMM5 if your car comes with an automatic FNR5 (5-speed) transmission.
  • Try out the Motorcraft Premium Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-8-QAW if your car contains an automatic F21 (6-speed).

One guy from Vehicle History mentioned that you can find the fluid specifics and details on the label on the transmission fluid dipstick.


When to Change 2008 Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid?

Based on the driving conditions, you’ll need to change the fluid quite often or rarely. Let me show you how often you need to change the fluid below:

Driving ConditionAutomatic Transmission Change IntervalManual Transmission Change Interval
NormalEvery 30k, 60k, 90k, 120k, and 150k milesEvery 105k miles
SpecialEvery 30k milesEvery 30k miles
Table 2: 2008 Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid Change Interval for Automatic and Manual Transmission In Different Driving Conditions

In Normal Operating Conditions

If you tend to take your 2008 Ford Fusion car a lot in regular conditions, the transmission fluid needs to be changed at a specific mileage.

In that case, you’ll need to change the automatic transmission fluid every 30k, 60k, 90k, 120k, and 150k miles. However, if your car has a manual transmission, change the fluid every 105,000 miles (169,000 kilometers).

In Special Operating Conditions

If you use your 2008 Ford Fusion car a lot in tough conditions occasionally, the transmission fluid might need more frequent changes.

Just like the 2011 Ford Fusion transmission fluid change interval, you’ll need to change the fluid once every 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers). This applies when you do the given things:

  • Using a trailer or camper.
  • Idling or driving at low speed for a long period.
  • Taking the car on dusty or sandy roads.
  • Off-road driving.

The 2008 Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid Capacity!

All cars that Ford made have a diverse capacity to hold the transmission fluid in the tank. The same thing goes for the 2008 Ford Fusion.

So, how much transmission fluid does a 2008 Ford Fusion hold?

A 2008 Ford Fusion holds around 3.0 – 7.4 quarts (2.87 – 7.0 liters) of transmission fluid. Based on the transmission type, the exact amount can vary.

To put it clearly, look at the given table and details:

Transmission TypeCodeFluid Capacity
Manual G5M53.0 quarts (2.87 liters)
Automatic FNR5 (5-speed)C7.0 quarts (6.7 liters)
Automatic F21 (6-speed)B7.4 quarts (7.0 liters)
Table 3: 2008 Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid Capacity and Code for Different Transmission
  • Cars with a manual G5M transmission can hold 6 pints (2.87 liters or 3.0 quarts) of fluid.
  • Cars with an automatic FNR5 (5-speed) transmission can carry 14 pints (6.7 liters or 7.0 quarts) of fluid.
  • Cars with an automatic F21 (6-speed) transmission can take 15 pints (7.0 liters or 7.4 quarts) of fluid.

Where Is the 2008 Ford Fusion Transmission Fluid Location?

In 2008 Ford Fusion cars, you’ll find the transmission fluid location by removing the dipstick and looking inside the tube.

If you have an 08 Fusion car with an automatic transmission, the dipstick is in front of the brake or clutch fluid reservoir (left side of the battery). To reach it, just open the hood of your car and pull out the dipstick. And then, you can see the fluid inside the transmission tube.

However, if you have an 08 Fusion with a manual transmission, the dipstick is near the transmission housing (under the car). To see the fluid, lift the car up using the transmission jack stands and get underneath.

Then, remove the big bolt using the socket and detach the dipstick. Afterward, you can see the fluid inside the hole of the transmission housing.

How To Check and Add Transmission Fluid On 2008 Ford Fusion?

By using the dipstick, you can check and add the transmission fluid to your 2008 Ford Fusion. It’s best to check the owner’s manual to know the instructions.

Here are some of the preparations that you’ll need to take before you check and add transmission fluid:

  • Warm up the fluid by driving your car for 20 miles and then wait for 30 minutes.
  • Park your car on an even surface and trigger the parking brake.
  • Idle the engine and shift the level through all gears (starting and ending with Park).

Now, it’s natural to get curious and question how do I check the transmission fluid on a 2008 Ford Fusion.

You can check the transmission fluid on a 2008 Ford Fusion using the dipstick. Firstly, find the dipstick under the hood or car and clean it. Then, reinsert the dipstick into the transmission tube and read out the fluid level.

After reading the fluid range, you can either add some additional transmission fluid or skip this action. Then, put the dipstick into its spot and reinstall all the removed parts.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your transmission in good shape is simpler when you understand all about the 2008 Ford Fusion transmission fluid.

Just be sure to use the correct amount and type of fluid when you change it, and do it the right way. I hope this guide gives you the info you need. See you in the next guide. Goodbye!

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