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A Quick Know-How Guide On Door Ajar Sensor!

The door ajar sensor, akin to a car’s safety feature, informs the computer system whether a door is open or closed. Positioned behind the oval-shaped courtesy switch, this small device functions as a detector, utilizing a spring-loaded button and a switch to send a signal promptly.

As someone new to this component, I assume you will be curious more about what this part is about, its working mechanism, and perhaps the cost and means to fix it.

Let’s Get You Covered In This Quick Guide

What Is a Door Ajar Sensor and How Does It Work?

A door-ajar sensor is a small gear in your car’s door frame. It helps the car to signal when the car door is open or not. This way, it helps ensure safety and security.

Well, its main job is to find or detect whether the door is open and then inform it to your car’s electronic control unit (ECU).

What is door ajar sensor
Image 1: Door Ajar Sensor

When it sees an open door, it makes a door ajar warning light on your car’s dashboard turn on. This light looks like a symbol, and it’s there to let you know that one of the doors is still open.

In some cars, it makes a special chime sound to let you know a door is open. Now that you know what exactly it is, you must be wondering how does door ajar sensor works in the car.

The door-ajar sensor works with a spring-loaded button and switch. When the door is closed, the spring-loaded button gets pushed in.

When this happens, it makes an electric connection and sends a message to your car’s computer (ECU) via a wiring harness.

This message turns on a warning light or makes a chime sound in your car when a door is open. The sensor is also linked to the inside lights, which turn on and off when you open and close the door.

How Do You Fix a Door Ajar Sensor?

You can easily a door ajar sensor issue by either cleaning the metal side of it or replacing the part. In both ways, you’ll need to remove the sensor from its spot. Here’s how to do it:

  • Firstly, pull out the door of your car and spot the door ajar sensor’s location. It’s behind the courtesy switch that is black and oval in shape.
  • Afterward, use a star-shaped screwdriver to detach one screw that holds it on the car’s frame.
  • Then, take off the black covering and unplug the wiring connectors of the door ajar sensor.

Once you have removed the sensor, you’ll need to use low-grit sandpaper to clean the rusted part of the metallic sides that meet with the sensor. After that, rub some rubbing alcohol or perfume with a rag on the sensor carefully.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, then you’ll need to change the door ajar sensor with a new one. To it all in detail, be sure to read this guide that shows how you can fix the door ajar sensor.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Door Ajar Sensor?

To fix the door ajar sensor via a local dealer authorized by Ford, the cost would be no more than $50 to $70. Based on the labor charge, the cost may rise or sink in.

cost to fix door ajar sensor
Image 2: Cost To Fix Door Ajar Sensor

Then again, if you plan to fix the door ajar sensor from a 3rd party auto store, the dealer may replace the part at a low price, between $25 to $30 or above.

However, if you do it yourself after purchasing the door jar sensor from the store, the cost to fix this part will be around $8 to $16 or above.

Ending Notes

After learning everything about the door-ajar sensor, it’s time to take care of this part. Be sure to regularly inspect it if you fear the part getting damaged or burnt due to overload or other reasons. Hope this guide helps you a little to know about this!

Now, be sure to read this guide that breaks down the reasons for door-ajar lights stay on if you are the owner of a Ford F150 car. Enjoy!

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