ford f150 transmission fluid change cost

Overall Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Change Cost!

The Ford F150 transmission fluid change cost can vary depending on how you do it. Whether you go to the Ford service center, a local auto store, or do it yourself, the price can range from $100 to $570 or even more.

Don’t fret if you’re unsure about the cost of changing the transmission fluid on your F150 car, as I’ll provide that information in this guide. Let’s get started!

The Cost to Change Ford F150 Transmission Fluid!

total ford f150 transmission fluid change cost
Image 1: Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Change Cost: Costs – Ford Service Center, Local Autoshop, and DIY

For Ford F150 transmission fluid change, it may take more or less based on by whom you are doing this project. Let me explain in detail below:

MethodPart CostLabor Cost (per Hour)Total Fluid Change Cost
Ford Service Center$200 – $300 or more$245 – $270 or more$445 – $570 or more
Local Auto Shop$100 – $250 or more$38 – $46$138 – $296 or more
DIY$100 – $250 or more$100 – $250 or more
Table 1: Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Change Method and Total Cost (Parts & Labor)

Via Ford Service Center

In case you are planning to change the transmission fluid on the F150, it will cost a lot more than doing it via a nearby auto shop or yourself. By and large, this will cost around $445 – $570 or more.

As they use specified gears and techniques via an expert mechanic, the task is done professionally and costs a lot. And so, the labor cost for this kind of task is higher around $245 to $270 per hour.

However, if your car is backed with warranty service, you won’t need to spend a buck to do the task as it will be covered. Plus, keep in mind the Ford service center will charge a few bucks for VAT in some cases.

Note: Ensure to read this guide to know the right type of transmission fluid that your Ford F150 takes. Using a different series of fluids can harm the transmission and its gears.

Via Nearby Auto Shop

As many kinds of local stores help folks change the fluid in their F150 cars, the cost may vary. Usually, it costs approximately $138 – $300 or more.

Based on the Repair Pal, the total cost for changing the transmission fluid on your Ford F150 would be around $240 – $280. In which, the labor price is around $38 to $46 per hour or more.

And, note that the auto dealer doesn’t charge VAT or tax for this task. Plus, if the dealer offers you some special discount for this task, it will be less than $250.

Note: Be sure to check the fluid level on your F150 before you change the fluid at the local auto shop.

Via Yourself

For all those folks who are draining and then adding the transmission fluid to change the old one with no expert help, it will only cost the fluid price.

In other words, the F150 transmission fluid change cost in the DIY way is no more than $50 – $250 (on average $100) or more.

And, if you are looking for one, find one of the best transmission fluids for your Ford F150 by reading this guide.

Note: Remember, if you plan to replace the transmission in your Ford F150, you’ll need to change the fluid in a different way. To know it in detail be sure to read this step-by-step guide.

Ending Notes

For a regular driver, it’s important to know how much it might cost to change the transmission fluid in a Ford F150.

As you typically need to do this every couple of years, it’s a good idea to know the price before going to a service center or local auto store. I hope this guide helps you to provide all the information you need.

Now, don’t miss out on this informative guide that explains the exact amount of fluid to put in your F150’s transmission. You may also want to find the right change interval for optimal transmission fluid maintenance. Have Fun!

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