how much transmission fluid to add if empty

How Much Transmission Fluid to Add If Empty? (Ford F150)

Pouring more or less fluid into the transmission tank can damage its parts. When the F150 transmission fluid needs to be emptied, folks worry about how much they should put back in.

So, how much transmission fluid to add if empty in a Ford F150 car?

Well, it depends on how you emptied the tank. If you flush the tank to empty it, then you should add the same amount of fluid that your tank can hold. However, if you drained the tank to empty it, just add 5.5 to 6.5 quarts of transmission fluid.

To get a better understanding, keep on reading this guide until the end!

Here’s How Much F150 Transmission Fluid to Add If It’s Empty!

You don’t always have to think about adding transmission fluid into a completely empty tank. Make sure, you are not dealing with transmission fluid low on the dipstick. So how much transmission fluid do you add if low?

You can add somewhere between 1/2 quart to 1 quart of transmission fluid if it’s low on levels. Make sure to go with a quarter or less fluid at a time, then check the level and keep adding until you see the fluid reach the full or maximum limit.

The transmission tank of your Ford F150 car can be done in 2 ways: flushing or draining fluid. In both cases, adding transmission fluid to the car when the tank is empty can be a little tricky based on the situation.

But it would be great to get a rough idea of how many quarts of transmission fluid I need if empty!

You will need somewhere between 10 to 14 quartz of transmission fluid if empty depending on some factors. But most importantly, it’s the means of emptying the tank, either flushing or draining.

how much transmission fluid to add if empty
Image 1: Transmission fluid quantity when empty

One more note I would like to add is that you should not leave your transmission tank running on empty. It’s actually more important than some people realize as they don’t ponder over what happens if transmission fluid is empty.

When transmission fluid is empty there will be no hold. As a result, the gears will have trouble spinning freely. This can cause the vehicle to move with a lot of additional pressure. Eventually, it will result in exhaustive repairs or even the replacement of the transmission.

Let me explain it in detail:

1. Flushing Transmission Fluid

In case your transmission tank is empty due to flushing it, you’ll need to fill around 9.56 – 17.03 liters (10.1 – 18 quarts) of fluid.

how much transmission fluid to add for flushed empty tank
Image 2: Transmission fluid quantity for flushed empty tank

However, you can’t add the dry fill at once. This means you’ll need to fill around 3.79 – 5.68 liters (4 – 6 quarts) of fluid to the transmission tank and gradually add more until it reaches the full capacity of your transmission fluid tank.

So, if you are wondering how to do it, here’s the procedure for 11.36 liters (13 quarts) transmission tank:

  • Start by adding 5.67 liters (6 quarts) to the transmission tank after finding the location where to add transmission fluid F150.
  • Then, start the car to idle the engine in the Park position. Be sure to move the gear shifter through all the gear positions slowly (taking 5 seconds of break for each). Don’t worry if the transmission doesn’t engage in every gear.
  • Turn off the engine and add another 3.79 liters (4 quarts) of the fluid.
  • Run the gear shifter through the gears again like you’ve done before.
  • Finally, add the last 1.90 liters (2 quarts) of ATF slowly and check the dipstick to see the level if is at the right range.

2. Draining Transmission Fluid

If you’ve emptied the transmission fluid tank in your F150 truck by draining it, you’ll need to put in some more. So exactly how much transmission fluid do I add after draining it to empty?

Well, you will need to add about 4.73 – 6.62 liters (5 – 7 quarts) of transmission fluid after draining. However, keep in mind this will also require considering how big your F150’s transmission tank is.

Here’s how much to add based on the capacity of your F150 transmission fluid:

how much transmission fluid to add for different tank levels
Image 3: Adding transmission fluid based on tank level
  • If the tank can hold more than 12.30 – 13.25 liters (13 to 14 quarts), add about 6.15 liters (6.5 quarts) or more.
  • If the tank can hold less than 10.41 – 11.36 liters (11 to 12 quarts), add about 5.20 liters (5.5 quarts) or more.

According to Blauparts, it’s a good idea to add around 5.68 – 6.62 liters (6 – 7 quarts) of transmission fluid if your tank is completely empty.

Here’s how to do it the right way, as suggested by Ford:

  • Start by adding about 3.3 liters (3.5 quarts) of transmission fluid as the initial fill.
  • Then, start the engine and let it idle for a couple of minutes in the Park. It is a vital step that you need to do. To understand it, check this guide out to know whether you should leave the car running when adding transmission fluid or not.
  • After that, gradually add 4 pints (2 quarts) of fluid. If needed, keep doing this until the tank is full. But don’t pour all the fluid in at once, because some of it needs to warm up the transmission. Done!

This method is beneficial when you’ve replaced parts or taken off the transmission fluid pan and filter.

However, if your car has a sealed transmission that can’t be opened, and there’s no dipstick to check the fluid, it’s best to contact the Ford service center or customer care to get it refilled.

Note: For all newbies who own F150 cars, read here to know whether to fill transmission fluid at the location of the dipstick.

Overall Thoughts

That’s how much transmission fluid to add if empty on a Ford F150! Still, be sure to read out the owner’s manual to understand the right way of filling your empty transmission tank. Hope you find this guide detailed. See You in the Next Guide Soon!

Now, if you are trying to fill the tank for your Ford F150, don’t forget to check this guide to learn some of the finest transmission fluids. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if I run out of transmission fluid?

If your transmission is sealed for life, you’ll need to take your car to the Ford service center to fill the transmission fluid. However, if your transmission is non-sealed, you can fill the fluid on the dipstick tube (on the engine bay or transmission housing).

How long does transmission fluid drain and fill take?

Usually, it takes no more than 40 – 60 minutes of period to drain and fill the transmission fluid from your F150 car.

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