how to unlock ford f150 with keys locked inside

Unlock Ford F150 With Keys Locked Inside – 5 Quick Fixes!

Finding how to unlock a Ford F150 with keys locked inside doesn’t have to be difficult. There are specific and easy-to-conduct methods that can rescue you from being stranded outside your F150.

To unlock a Ford F150 with keys locked inside, you can use the remote control, a key blade, the keypad code, or even an airbag/wedge with a long-reach tool. Each technique serves as a unique key to unlock your F150.

This guide is here to walk you through the step-by-step process of unlocking your car without keys. Let’s delve into the details and get you back behind the wheel!

Here’s Exactly How To Unlock Ford F150 with Keys Locked Inside Using 5 Methods

You can unlock your Ford F150 car in many ways even if the keys are locked inside. So, how do you open a locked F150?

You can open a locked F150 using the remote control’s unlock button, key blade, keypad, airbag with long reach tool, or wedge with long reach tool.

If you don’t know the procedure, let me share it below so you can follow it:

Method #1: Using Remote Controls Unlock Button

Another way you can unlock your F150 which is locked with keys inside is by pressing the unlock button on the remote control.

use remote control to unlock ford f150 with keys locked inside
Image 1: Using Remote Control To Unlock Ford F150 with Keys Locked Inside

In that case, just press the Unlock button in your Key Fob and it’ll immediately unlock the door. However, if your remote control doesn’t work, be sure to fix it by checking this guide out. And then, you can press the Unlock button.

Method #2: Using a Key Blade

You can easily unlock the F150 car even if it’s locked with keys inside by using the key blade. It is on the bottom of the remote control that looks like a mechanical key. Here’s how to do it:

key blade in remote control to unlock ford f150 with keys locked inside
Image 2: Using Key Blade In Remote Control To Unlock Ford F150 with Keys Locked Inside
  • Start by taking out the key blade from the remote control. To do that, push the pressable release button and detach the key blade.
  • Next, insert it on the exterior door handle’s keylock and twist it to unlock the door.

Method #3: Using Air Bag and Long Reach Tool

You can unlock your car with an airbag with a pump and a 55” long reach tool. To do this, here’s what you need to do:

  • Firstly, place the airbag into the gaps of the door jamb.
  • Then, squeeze the pump a few times to widen out the gaps in between the gaps of the door jamb.
  • After that, insert the 55” long reach tool through the gaps of the door jamb and move it near the interior door handle that can unlock.
  • Next, unlock the door by pulling the interior door handle with the long-reach tool.

Method #4: Using a Wedge and Long Reach Tool

If all keys are inside the car in a locked state, you can open the door by trying the wedge and long-reach tool trick. Follow the given directions to do it yourself:

  • To start with, place the wedge in the window gaps to separate the glass from the weather stripping.
  • Then, press down the wedge to widen the gaps and insert the long-reach tool.
  • Next, navigate the long-reach tool toward the door lock rod so that it can press the button and unlock the door.

Based on Truckomize, this method can cause a little peeling issue on your car if you don’t do it carefully. So be sure to do it gently so that the skin around the window doesn’t peel off.

Note: Be sure to do it carefully as this can cause issues like the door ajar light to stay on. If this happens, read this guide to know how you can disable door ajar on Ford F150 cars.

Method #5: Using Keyless Entry Keypad

If your car has a keyless entry keypad while it’s locked with keys inside, you can unlock it by entering the factory-set 5-digit code or your personal code. Let me show you how to do it:

using keypad to unlock ford f150 with keys locked inside
Image 3: Using Keypad To Unlock Ford F150 with Keys Locked Inside
  • To begin with, press the 5-digit code on the keyless entry keypad. Make sure you hit each digit within five seconds.
  • After that, hit 3 – 4 within five seconds in order to unlock all the doors.

But, be sure to remember the 5-digit key code so you can do the above steps. In case you forget, you may wonder or ask others how do I find my key code.

You can find your key code on the owner’s manual or label that is on the rear side (opposite of the fuse panel side) of the BCM.

Wrapping Up

Unlocking the Ford F150 with keys locked inside is easy if you know the methods to attempt. Just be sure to follow the directions properly without skipping one step and you’ll do it fine.

And, it may cost a little to get the tools but would help to unlock the car easily. Hope you find this guide informative and helpful in solving your issue quickly. Have a Nice Day!

Now, if your F150’s door ajar light stays on, take a look at this guide to know the reasons and resolve this issue. Start Reading Here!

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